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Quifas (QFS)

Quifas (QFS)

A Cryptocurrency Exchange Built for the People

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Quifas will provide a way out for the problems that exist in the field of cryptocurrency. The solution Quifas offers is a way out that not only benefits Quifas, but also for users and investors of cryptocurrency. With a system that can facilitate up to 2 million transactions per second, Quifas will still run well even when transactions are made at peak times.

This is done by the merging of several systems. The system works full, not only to do a lot of transactions but also to provide comfort and security. The Quifas platform is built with a convenient and simple interface. You will not find any difficulties when first using it. In terms of security, Quifas is working hard to create a bank-like security system that can protect the users 'and investors' dumpers from hackers and scammers.

Solution from Quifas

Quifas was created as a new exchange platform that will provide a way out for the serious problems that exist in today's blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystems. The main purpose of Quifas is to provide a new (better) experience in cryptocurrency exchange. Some of the capabilities of Quifas are:

Amazing services

Quifas will provide services that other platforms do not / cannot do. These services are based on the complaints of many users and digital money investors. One of the most prominent things is the existence of multilingual services that aim to facilitate the use of the platform. Currently, most cryptocurrency platforms only use English. This often creates new problems for those with limited English.

In addition, all users and investors can use Quifas service for 24/7. Cryptocurrency users come from different countries. Each country has its own working time. Often a user from a particular country should spend more time just to transact. This is obviously detrimental and Quifas wants to eliminate it.


Unstable exchange rates make cryptocurrency only attractive to those who already have knowledge and experience in the areas of blockchain and cryptocurrency. This also hurts new token users. The new token obviously has a low price, but there is a minimum amount of each purchase.

This is what causes users and investors often experience losses and are reluctant to reinvest. Quifas, working with several major tokens, works together to provide alternative liquidity that can minimize losses and increase profits.

Better security

The bank-like system owned by Quifas is not only controlled by bots but also by professionals. Quifas works with several blockchain-based security firms to monitor and control for 24 hours to prevent theft and scams.

Immediate Account Upgrade

The registration and verification process can take days or even weeks. This is clearly detrimental to users and investors as they may miss the most profitable times. Quifas allows every user and investor to register and verify, at most, within 24 hours.

Unlimited number

Cryptocurrency owners often complain about the number of tokens they can convert into money. Needs someone different, each person's comfort in storing assets is also different. Some people may be comfortable to keep their assets in tokens in their wallets, but some prefer to convert their profits into conventional money to be used whenever and wherever.

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