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Skychain (SCH)

Skychain (SCH)

A new fast and accurate health exam

Review Project

Health checks often produce something inaccurate. Inaccurate examination, of course, resulted in errors handling procedures and treatment. This is clearly detrimental to the patient. Some cases even indicate that the error leads to death checks. In the meantime, patients often have difficulty when they want to demand a mistake that resulted in adverse effects on the patient. Lack of transparency and the impression of 'protecting each other' makes things like this often lead to patients feeling resigned and reluctant to deal and health bureaucracy.

Skychain is present as a solution to health examination problems. The easiest understanding of Skychain is the online doctor. All the processes you do when visiting your doctor will also be done in Skychain. What distinguishes is the mechanism of examination and mode of payment. When you visit a doctor, you will talk directly to the doctor, while in Skychain you just need to fill in a few things to know the health problems you suffered.

The ANN technology

Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is a form of calculation that mimics the shape of neural networks in living things. Just like in native neural networks, neural networks have neurons to process inputs/outputs. Therefore, in most cases, ANN is an adaptive system, because the structure of the system can change as the internal or external information is processed during the learning phase. The creation of an ANN system is meant for the computer to recognize a particular pattern, shape, or structure because the computer does not have intelligence, although 8 in fact, a computer can perform operations, such as recognizing human faces, in a much shorter time than humans.

A neural network is a distributed and parallel processed information processor structure, consisting of a processing element (which has local memory and operates with local information) interconnected along with a direct-line flow called a connection. Each processor element has a single outlet connection that fans out to the desired number of collateral connections (each connection carrying the same signal from the output of the processing element). The output of the processing element can be any type of mathematical equation desired. The entire process that takes place on each processor element must really be done locally, i.e. the output depends only on the input value at that moment obtained through the connection and the value stored in the local memory.

Skychain will collect data from laboratories and specialists. This data is not absolute. The data will be constantly updated according to the existing developments in the world of health. Skychain is a place where patients can (as if) consult real time with a data provider (specialist/laboratory) through a neural network. As with any health consultation, the user/patient must pay for any information he or she receives. To conduct a real-time health check, Skychain uses peer to peer system.

Peer to Peer is a sharing technology (resource sharing) and service between one computer and another computer. A more precise understanding of peer to peer is a computerized Client-Server system where a computer functions as a client as well as a server, allowing communication and exchange of resources between two computers in real time.

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