Votem Review and ICO Detail-Votem Allows Users to Vote Easily Online

Votem Review and ICO Detail-Votem Allows Users to Vote Easily Online

Votem Review

Voting has been one of the most popular method to reach a decision all around the world. The mechanism of voting is principally the same everywhere; that a person holds one vote and could give his vote to an option which best describes what he believes to be the best option available. That being said, voting has been an integral part of people’s daily life for a long time, as it may help people resolving various issues, from simple business decision to selecting a president in a country.

The problem is that in many places on earth, there are still people who cannot exercise their right to vote appropriately. In countries with dictator leadership, people are being obliged to vote one certain option, which is the government-bound of course, without having any right to vote for other options.

This issue becomes one of the most serious issues encountered by the global community todays, particularly in third world countries with limited level of prosperity and education. Despite the fact that voting has been a globally accepted method of determining a decision among the options, there has never been any globally accepted metrics that make the outcomes of voting to be assessed in the same way with the same level of reliability and accuracy.

The status quo of not having any global standard for scientifically accepted voting results challenges the team behind Votem to develop a platform that could be used to create a uniformity of voting results anywhere in the world. This means that the results of voting conducted in the U.S would be assessed using the same indicators and metrics as the one carried out in Nigeria, for instance.

This capability of creating a uniformity in results of voting all around the world promises a more fair and just government all over the world, as the voting process is being monitored by the public live. The Votem team indeed develops a platform that could check the accuracy and reliability of a vote, thus it could eliminate any possibility of cheating or any other wrongful actions applied to the vote. The votes input to this platform would be able to be monitored live and strictly by the public, making them much more transparant and accurate.

You may have not captured the essential picture of this concept, but imagine this; a country in which dictatorship has been ruling for a long time could have its chance to have a clean and fair election to pick new leaders thanks to this platform. Due to the adoption of the blockchain technology, the Votem platform is capable to share the live calculation of the votes to the world, making any attempt to cheat becomes nearly impossible, if not being nullified. This platform is the true essence of democracy itself, in which the concept of “one man, one vote” is applied to its core.

Through this adoption of the blockchain technology, any potential of hacking and privacy issues could be prevented effectively. Any hacking made towards the votes could be tackled by using data verification method, in which any person who is given access to the votes shall verify some details before he could finally access the voting results. The privacy issues could also be resolve using the same concept as the details provided by the involved parties would be kept secure and confidential.

The Votem team recognizes that mobile application has become a defining trend in the world today, which is why the team is confident to introduce Votem to the public as an app which helps managing a voting process. The introduction of the Votem platform shows the team’s focus on helping everyone all over the world to get fairness and justice through clean and transparant voting process. This platform could be the solution for injustice in some parts of the world caused by poor voting process during general elections.

Frankly speaking, the Votem team should realize that their patform may make a better world, and thus they should try not only to engage with the public, but also with governmental institutions as well. This is important to ensure that the platform could be utilized during important voting processes in the government, such as general election. By using Votem, they could minimize the potential of cheating during the voting process, thus the outcomes of the process would be fair and just. This way, the public will slowly learn to accept the platform’s utilization in their daily activities.

ICO Detail

Token Name
27/02/2018 – 29/03/2018
1 VAST = 0.50 USD
Equity on offer
147,000,000 VAST




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