Sat, 20 Apr 2019

Midex (MDX)

Midex (MDX)

International cryptocurrency financial platform

Review Project

Midex Transforms Intangible Cryptocurrencies into Tangible Items

The blockchain technology has indeed powered up various other concepts nowadays, in the form of the provision of the platform that could help people managing their cryptocurrencies. There are more and more platforms being built to accommodate the encouraging trend of the use of cryptocurrency, from business-based to medical-based. Now meet another player to join the competition between these players; Midex.

The main objective of the team behind Midex is to provide the public with a tangible tool for managing their cryptocurrencies, in the midst of intangible blockchain technology trends. Turning their cryptocurrencies into real cash indeed has been something problematic to many, and having a system that could solve this issue would be really helpful for the users of the technology.

The nature of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, which is abstract, indeed makes these technologies exposed to potential crimes, including piracy, corruption, and information theft. This is because the nature of cryptocurrency is in principle open to anyone and can be accessed anywhere, anytime. This is what the Midex team put emphasis on, as they build the Midex platform based on exclusivity principle to the extent that it is only a certified and registered member who would be given the access to the transaction details. This makes the transaction more secure and reliable.

This exclusivity is being the focus of the Midex team, as they divide their potential users into four classes. First is private customers, who look for a reliable financial platform that enables them to easily manage their personal cryptocurrencies, especially withdrawing them effortlessly. The second class would be investors, who look to manage their cryptocurrency for investing into new potential ventures.

The third class is the class of traders. These traders would look for a very stable and reliable ICO service provider as they need to maintain positive and responsive services to their customers. This includes online shop owners who would rely on their responsiveness in serving their customers to build the reputation of their very shop. The fourth class is for businesses, as they would look for a secure and trustworthy ICO platform partner who could help them manage their cryptocurrencies and digital transactions properly.

By classifying their potential users definitively, the team at Midex could really make it to the top, as they succeeded in identifying the target users they would look up to in marketing their platform. This could help them avoid any potential of wasting their resources and energy to try to capture a market they actually are not capable of. This enables the team to effectively channel their resources and energy to win the market more accurately.

By channelling their resources and energy accurately to the target they want to capture, the team behind Midex has already secured the first step of success. The team shall use this foundation to further build their reputation and brand awareness so that their target users could recognise their brand in the midst of the strict competition in the industry.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


460 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


370 days ago



  • Mike Blackwood
  • Kaznacheev Evgeny
    CTO (Technical director)
  • Renato Almeida
    Legal advisor
  • Eyal Hertzog
    Blockchain advisor
  • Alex Shkirin
    Head of tax and Legal
  • Dmitry Machikhin
  • Andrew Dubinin
  • Ars Dain
    IR manager
  • Max Oleynik
    Marketing manager
  • Nik Postnik
    Hype manager
  • Natasha Lukina
    Project manager


Before ICO
- Cryptocurrency exchange
- Exchange of Cryptocurrency
- Safe transactions. Escrow
- Web-platform
- Public API
- Aggregation of quoted prices

Q2 2018
- P2P loans marketplace
- Asset management
- Acceptance of payments
- Trading API
- Mobile applications
- EMI liсense
- Participation in SWIFT
- Blockchain

Q3 2018
- Bank license
- Saving accounts
- Settlement accounts
- Issue of plastic cards
- Asset Management marketplace
- Mining pool hub
- Crypto Exchange aggregation
- Cryptomats

Q4 2018
- Creation of Midex Coin
- Lending
- Educational program
- Midex secure system
- Social trade network

Q2 2019
- Venture investment
- Insurance
- Broker services
- ICO Marketplace

Q4 2019
- Venture investment
- Premium Insurance
- Marketplace
- ICO Marketplace
- Mining pool hub
- Social trading network

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