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Enkidu (ENK)

Enkidu (ENK)

Enkidu Modern System in Tackling Online Collaboration

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Enkidu is created to support teamwork and group work in the global setting. Do you remember the time back then in school where you have to form a group work for a project? Each person is responsible for their share of work, and everyone is responsible for the success of the project. When a person fails, then the entire project is compromised. That’s why you need to find someone with similar interest, dedication, professional manner, and work ethics. But don’t you think that it would be difficult to work together with other people from other parts of the world?

How the System Works

Enkidu works by allowing people to connect and interact with other people with similar interest and passion, especially the same business interest and ideas. Through blockchain technology and smart contract, trusted group work is possible created – even when each party lives in different parts of the world. With this technology, not only all the work is evenly shared among the team, the share for the payment will also be implemented in fair and equal manner.

So how does this platform works? Let’s say that you are the project owner. You have your own idea, and you are looking for partners with their own skills and expertise. Contract management has been done from the start, giving other potential partners ideas of how much they are going to get from the project. And then person A and B start to join your scheme. Each time a new person joins, the contract is renewed, so everyone can see their portion in the partnership. When there is an interested investor in the project, it is included in the contract.

As the owner of the project, it is you who can turn the capital into real money as the startup funds. But there is a certain locking mechanism that will prevent you from spending the money for your personal use only. With solid and strengthened security features, money misusage or abuse can be prevented.

The technologies used within this platform will make sure that the capital money is used for the business startup. What about the payment? Since the contract has been laid out in details from the beginning, every involved party will get the promised share, directly shared and sent to your wallet. In this way, no one is able to cheat or misuse the money.

The Offered Easiness

Not only Enkidu can be used to form a working group but it also provides different kinds of features that can be beneficial for each participating party. Each person is ensured to do their share of work so there won’t be any load imbalance – something that can jeopardize the project and the quality of the outcome.

Payment will also be done fairly – each time there is an allocation of fund, it will be directly channelled to each participant’s wallet. The smart contract makes sure that there won’t be any dominating party that can control everything or dominate the whole system.

ENK Tokens

For this platform, ENK token will be used. It is designed as the main currency of the platform, as well as a way for ICO investment for those interested in taking apart. Around 1.5 billion of tokens will be released. A total 52% of the tokens will be sold during sales, with different allocations. 15% of them is dedicated to the private pre-sale event while the remaining 37% will go to public sale.

The presale will take place from 12th to 26th of March, with the price of $0.037 and 40% of bonus. For the public sale, it will start from 9th of April to 9th of May, with the price of $0.056. The bonuses are given based on the time periods.

In period 1 (which is close to the opening date), expect 25% of bonus. In period 2 (which is in the middle), the bonus will be around 15%. In period 3, which is close to the end date), the bonus will be ‘only’ 10%.

If there is any remaining token during the pre-sale period, they will be directed and channelled to the public sale slot. And if there is any remaining token after the public sale has taken place, it will be transferred to the company’s reserve.

ICO Opportunity

If you are thinking about investing your money in a smart platform that may hold the way work is done in the future, you should join in it. During pre sale and public sale period, you get only the best and also the lowest price only. Once the platform launches, the price will increase. And since Enkidu will be the base for professional future platform, you can be sure that the price will hit the roof.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


374 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


313 days ago



  • Jay Smith
  • David Drake
  • Giovanni Lesna
  • Alex Gonzales
  • Nikunj Jain
  • Anshumani Ruddra
  • Sunil Udupa
  • Manish Gandhi
    MD, ABEC
  • Kapil Nayyar
  • Ravi Srivastava
  • Ramgopal Nc
  • Divyashish Jindal
  • Rakesh Chhabra


  • Q3: 2017
    Idea Validation by several product heads, CEOs and VCs
    Idea Validation with freelancing community (Upwork/ Truelancer) interested in passive income generation
    Avalon Labs internal Solidity experiment created, led by CEO himself
    Enkidu edge case experimentation
    Onboard Themis Associates (Sequoia Capital India’s Lawyers) for collaboration edge case flowcharting
  • Q4: 2017
    “Resolutions" concept created and cross verified with offline legal JV process
    Avalon Labs spin-off and early self—funding ($50k)
    First equity financing round from Purvi Capital, Chicago ($100k)
    White paper research and composition
  • Q1: 2018
    Token Presale
    Token Crowdsale
    The release of ENK tokens
  • Q2: 2018
    The release of Product architecture
    v1.0 of Smart Contract payment split gateway
    The core platform alpha version released
  • Q3: 2018
    v0.5 Web Platform Core released (MVP)
    v0.5 Mobile Platform Core released (MVP)
    v1.0 Digital Contracts system released
  • Q4: 2018
    Public Beta released
    Fully functional resolution system, IP protection and smart vesting
    v1.0 Graduation system released
    v1.0 Bot investment system released
  • Q1 to Q2: 2019
    v1.0 Enkidu Web, Mobile
    Sales/Affiliate commission gateways
    Singapore based Token Exchange (FIAT <—> ENK)
    Third party product and vendor integrations (ENK <—> ENK)
    Discussion on building a new form of Blockchain governed company, termed an “Enkidu corp”, in conjunction with a receptive government
    Discussion on enabling Company to Company Joint ventures via Enkidu corps

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