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Docademic (MTC)

Docademic (MTC)

Docademic and the Fairness in Medical Service Provision

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In any part of the world, health becomes a significant part of our life. Having access to quality and trustworthy medical services most of the times is identified as a privilege to some, but it is not fair to others. We must have heard about the poor health of those living in rural areas compared to the high-end facilities enjoyed by those in more urban areas. This is true. Wealth means health. This is something that triggered a group of founders to develop a system called Docademic.

The main belief of the team at Docademic is that everyone should have equal access to quality medical services and better opportunities to maintain a healthy life. This includes those who live in rural areas without any proper access to quality medical services. Not only that users all over the world could get quality medical services; they are offered for free!

Well, not really free actually, because we still need to pay using the Medical Token Currency (MTC) which becomes an official cryptocurrency for all Docademic’s products. However, because it is in form of deposit, then people could say that they do not to pay for the medical service they service because they only need to pay from their credit.

MTC itself is a health-based currency used by any medical transaction using the blockchain technology. This technology allows faster and more accessible medical services, whenever it is and wherever we are. Its popularity keeps increasing lately that it is dubbed to be a global cryptocurrency for medical services all over the world in the near future.

The adoption of blockchain technology through the implementation of the MTC concept enables users of Docademic to access professional medical health services easily from the tip of their fingers. This promises better access to users in rural areas. Imagine that we are deep in a forest and have a sore throat or a headache. By using this Docademic platform, we could easily contact a professional medical specialist to get a medical tip or merely have a consultation with them.

The Docademic team indeed develops a video platform which users could use to make a video conference with a registered medical professional who have got through a series of the qualification process. This allows users to gain medical advice in an instant, as easy as ABC. The users could then follow up the advice they receive from these health professionals.

It is indeed convenient to have an access to excellent health professional services. however, Docademic would still need to educate its users and the public in general. Even though Docademic’s services are very easy to access, its functions and utilities are not that easy to understand, particularly by those who are not familiar with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. That being said, it would be wise if Docademic carries out seminars and workshops not only to promote their platform and system but also the whole concept of blockchain and cryptocurrency for better user engagement.

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  • 2012 Q2 is incorporated under Sidrese SA de CV.
  • 2013 Q1
    Launched DoctorDice.Com
  • 2013 Q2 becomes the largest Social network for doctors in LatAm
  • 2014 Q3 gets accepted by various business accelerators Including Society 3 and 500 Startups
  • 2015 Q1 becomes Docademic to better achieve its worldwide vision during Society3 accelerator in San Francisco.
  • 2015 Q3
    Docademic CEO Charles Nader gets accepted into “Technology Enabled Blitzscaling” Program at Stanford University given by LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman, Former Mozilla CEO John Lilly, and business author and Venture capitalist Chris Yeh.
  • 2016 Q1
    Docademic applies new strategy to expand and introduce new services using blockchain and AI and develops first Free 24/7 Video Telemedicine assistance service in the world available in the App store and Play store.
  • 2016 Q3
    Docademic Launches Docademic APP a Medical Assistance service, and quickly expands to 5 other countries in LatAm. Legal and regulatory is covered by Hogan Lovells LLP team in LatAm.
  • 2017 Q1
    Docademic Medical Assistance service is a success and further expands to 15 more countries. Totaling 20 countries. Receives excellent reviews in App Store and Play store.
  • 2017 Q2
    Docademic starts sales of its Geographic health monitor (GHM) and Direct targeted notification system (DTM) to Private Industry and Governments.
  • 2017 Q3
    Docademic builds Regulatory compliant strategy with legal firm Foley Lardner LLP to offer services in the US.
  • 2017 Q4
    Docademic Inc. incorporates in the US.
  • 2017 Q4
    Docademic starts plans to start offering service in California.
  • 2018 Q1
    Docademic MTC Token Sale
  • 2018 Q1
    Support for tokens and token listing on cryptocurrency exchanges
  • 2018 Q2
    Launch of Docademic Marketplace inside Docademic Platform
  • 2018 Q2
    Launch of Docademic Platform in US
  • 2018 Q4
    Launch of Docademic Platform in Europe
  • 2019 Q1
    Launch of Docademic Blockchain and Medical Coin (MC)
  • 2019 Q2
    Launch of Docademic Platform in Asia and Middle East
  • 2019 Q3
    Further expansion into rest of world and increase in services and products offered in marketplace.

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