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SafeCrypt (SFC)

SafeCrypt (SFC)

Fail-safe by Design Cryptoexchange

Review Project is a crypto exchange platform fail-safe according to design. Here, has a target to dominate 9,6% crypto exchange market when it has shown the capitalization more than $ 500 million. Actually, this is the solution for anyone who wants to safe transactions.

Moreover, using SafeCrypt can minimize the risk of losing everything. Therefore, SafeCrypt is so recommended for you. And for more information about SafeCrypt, you can refer to the following reviews.

How Does it Work?

First, you have to know how the works. And the first step, a trader will initiate an exchange transaction. Next, the SafeCrypt system will analyze and verify the transaction. After that, the system is running and continue to launch a wallet watcher module. Fifth, the system will validate, encrypts, and send the transaction.

Next, the system will analyze and verify the transaction query. After that, the wallet watcher module alerts the system that coin B was successfully sent to the trader. And the last, in less than 24 seconds, the trader receives the requested.

Core Features exchange platform has several features. You have to know this features before join it. The feature of the exchange platform is an instant transaction, large selections of crypto assets, risk-free crypto exchange, absolute anonymity, trader oriented design and secure cloud environment.

With the instant transaction, the trader can receive crypto asset instantly. Moreover, the time is needed less than 24 seconds. While the crypto assets that has been received more than 44 cryptos and there is hundreds of crypto have not been added. That is the reason in say why one of the features is large selections of crypto-fascists.

Next, exchange platform also has a risk-free crypto exchange feature. In this feature, at all time, the readers retain control over their assets. Therefore, this platform can be counted on. Besides, in absolute anonymity feature, the information security has been assured because of the highest standard security form cascade data encrypting.

For trader oriented design feature, will facilitate the traders. Especially with its easy use. And the last, with secure cloud environment feature, every order will be ensured that is processed perfectly.

Functional Prototype

To present the functional prototype of the crypto exchange platform, a small part of framework in order has been effectively operationalized by Team. It coincides with some unique mechanics, where they are specially developed for our crypto investors.

Between some unique mechanics are fully automated transaction processing system and multi trader collective investment functionality. Besides, there is the dynamic bonus calculation system where this system really accurate and automatic.

ICO manager platform also was developed to ensure fail-safe -by - design automation and protect sensitive data. And for the economic model has been verified mathematically. The last, there is Secure cloud network and data encryption methods were developed to save metadata and safeguard our backers.

For the cry to investors, offers additional bonuses. They are such as Major investment, Co-op investment and other bonuses. And if you want to know more information about Safecrypt, you can contact them

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    Co-founder / Business
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    Financial AI and Data Security Advisor
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    CTO / Back-office Development
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    Tech R&D and Automation Advisor
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    Full Stack Blockchain & Web Developer
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