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Selfllery and the Monetized Social Media Platform

You probably have countless of different kinds of social media accounts, but have any of them reward you for everything you do on the platform? Let’s say that you take an artistic picture and post it in all of your social media.

Besides the likes, the heart, the admiration, and the love, what else do you get? Money? Definitely not. So, why not monetizing your social media and start collecting cryptocurrency with your rewards? If you join Selfllery, it is a done deal.

Understanding Selfllery

Selfllery is different from other regular and traditional social media, in terms that it does offer rewards for all of their users. When you create a beautiful picture and you get the likes, you will also get some YOU token that will be sent directly to your wallet. Quite convenient, eh? It’s because the people in the development team understand the importance of reward and integration between advertising business and social media.

You see, social media has become one of the most crucial and most effective means of promotion, sales, and marketing. It is not only the content but also the images being used to convey messages. A picture speaks a thousand words, and advertisers are always looking for creative pictures, images, and contents from various social media platforms they encounter.

The social media itself has turned into today’s people favourite pastime. Instead of watching TV when they are on a break, for instance, people prefer checking their phones and check their social media for notifications, updates, and such thing alike. No wonder if platforms like Instagram, Path, Twitter, or Facebook remain on the top spot – that’s because people will never stop using them.

Selfllery Role

So, how does Selfllery fall into this category? Basically, it tries to connect users with advertisers. The business sector has observed this trend, and they like the odds. They also like the fact that business marketing can be done, applied, and managed through social media – which means that they can create their own target market as well as focusing on certain people with their own interest and like.

And if we get back to the previous description about how advertisers can always make use of meaningful or artistic pictures, it would be a great platform for them to get a direct access to some of the most popular users.

YOU Token

This is the token that is especially used in Selfllery platform only – you don’t use it anywhere else. If you buy the token during pre-sale period, you can get quite nice discounts and bonuses. If you buy the token during the public sale event, you have to buy the token at the standard price – but still lower than the price after this platform launches. In case it gets positive feedback and welcome, and it gains in popularity, the price will definitely go up drastically.

Any interested in buying the tokens can check the official site now, while the sale still holds. Simply click on the provided link and follow the given directions to complete the purchase and become Selfllery users in no time.

Token Sale

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