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OTPPay and Transformation in Digital Payment

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If you think that OTPPay is just another platform for arranging your payments, maybe you should be looking further into the development scheme and project building plan. What makes this platform different from the others is the flexibility offered in managing your money. Whether it is the fiat currency (real money) or the cryptocurrency, feel free to use any means that you like without hesitation or problem.

OTPPay and Further Payment Technology

Most people have already known or heard about cryptocurrency – many of them already have their own cryptocurrency wallet. It is a new way in digital technology where you can send out money, receive money, save it, spend it, shop it around, and much more through simple transfer system. It is almost the same as the online payment, but with better technology. You see, when you use the regular banking account, the banks are in charge of your transactions. In cryptocurrency, on the other hand, you are responsible for your own transactions. Whether you want to record your transactions or you want to keep it discrete, everything is up to you.

The problem with the cryptocurrency is that it tends to stay within its own platform. When you want to buy a cup of Starbuck coffee or you are probably going shopping for a computer desk at your favourite Walmart, will they accept your digital money? Do they have the technology? In most cases, your cryptocurrency won’t be accepted. You will have to exchange the digital currency first into fiat money before you can do a regular shopping. In short, no matter how many cryptocurrency tokens you have in your wallet, they would be considered useless when they can’t be used as a mean of payment.

This is what OTPPay is trying to change. They are trying to connect the gaps between the centralized regular currency with the decentralized cryptocurrency. It means that you should be able to use your cryptocurrency to pay for the Starbuck coffee, for instance, or to finally buy the computer desk at the Walmart. The development team isn’t only trying to develop the platform and the app, but they are also trying to integrate this system with the already existing platforms and technologies. Once the platform launches, paying for coffee, taxi, or do a regular grocery shopping at the shop on the corner will be possible – and also easy.

Omni Token Functions

Omni tokens will be used to fund the project – as well as the main currency for the transactions. One of the coolest things about this OTPPay platform is that you get to keep other currencies, such as Ethereum or Bitcoin, and choose which one you want for the payment.

Private sale period is on right now, and investors can expect 100% bonus for the purchase they make. During this sale, around 70 millions of tokens will be released: 35 million for the purchase and 35 million for the bonus. Bonus for referral is only 5% but it can be quite valuable. The price for 1 ETH is equal to 53,332 Omni token during this private period.

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