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Denaro (DNO)

Denaro (DNO)

The Future Easiness without Centralized Banking System

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Denaro: The Future Easiness without Centralized Banking System

You are probably what the benefit of joining Denaro is and how it is different from other platforms? You see, not many people can get a direct access to the regular banking system, which makes them fall behind others. Unbanked people will have difficult access to get a loan, to pay off bills with the regular banking system, or to make payments.

If small businesses are unbanked, they won’t be able to stay connected to customers (because customers will have hard times making payments through transfer or online) or to suppliers (they won’t have the means to pay off suppliers unless everything can be made through direct cash payment).

How Denaro Solves the Problem

With many people still unbanked, Denaro provides a solution where they can use cryptocurrency as a method of payment. These people may be considered unqualified for regular banking system but it doesn’t mean that they can’t use the modern cryptocurrency. With the combination of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, people can enjoy the benefits of using transparent platform for sending and receiving payments. Blockchain technology promotes safer ground for users so there won’t be any manipulation or scam.

Besides adopting cryptocurrency as the main payment method, Denaro also issues its own debit card which can be used for any offline and online transactions. Running out of gas and want to fill in the tank? Use it at the gas station without hassle. Browsing the net and you see an attractive pair of shoes? Fill in the codes on your debit card to make the payments. Basically, everything is made easier with the combination of cryptocurrency, blockchain system, and also debit card usage.

DNO Token and Its Sales Arrangement

From around 100 millions of DNO tokens released, only 65% of them will be distributed for sales. The sales are happening on two stages, the pre-sales (lasting only 7 days with 2,500,000 tokens being distributed) and during ICO sales (which will last for 35 days with 62,500,000 tokens being offered).

The ICO sale period will end on 15 th of March 2018, where the minimum contribution of $10 is the acceptable and maximum contribution of $100 is welcomed. Those who want to invest more than $100 are advised to contact customer support for the arrangement and also for proper bonus provision.

If you are interested, you can enjoy 25% of bonus. But as it gets closer to the closing date, the percentage of the bonus will reduce. Mind you, though, that investors from China, Singapore, or the US aren’t accepted. The current price is 1 DNO is equal to $0.26 so you can calculate the amounts of DNO tokens for your own investment.

Denaro is encouraging bonus provision for early investors with its own planning arrangement. With total 65,000,000 tokens prepared for sales, 25% of the bonus will be rewarded for those joining the presale period. Afterwards, 25% bonus is given to the first 15,000,000 tokens sold, followed by 15% for another 20,000,000 sold. 5% bonus is given for the following 25,000,000 tokens being sold, and there won’t be any bonuses for the last 5,000,000 tokens.

Besides the bonuses given for token purchase, members who refer other people outside Denaro will be given 3% commission for any purchase made. Sounds like Denaro is an ideal platform, right?

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


538 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


494 days ago



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