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Cool Cousin (CUZ)

Cool Cousin (CUZ)

Cool Cousin and How It Changes Traveling Industry

Review Project

If you are into travelling so much, you should have a Cool Cousin app and platform that will make everything easier, simpler, and definitely more fun! People like travelling but often times they have to deal with difficult arrangements, fussy management, and travelling problems in a foreign land. All of these problems can be met and solved if you join the right community and you get the right tips from reliable sources.

The Basic Concept

One of the biggest challenges when travelling, especially to a new and foreign place, is the unfamiliarity with the local regulations, customs, and such thing alike. Not to mention that you don’t really know your way around or the coolest places to hang out. With this app, you don’t have to worry about such a thing anymore. Not only you can get recommendations, you can also be sure about their validity and correct information.

We live in the world where centralized travelling has become the major issue – mostly because there are big names that are willing to spend money for positive reviews, claiming their places as the best or their services as the greatest. In reality, it doesn’t even come close.

Biased reviews, feedbacks, and opinions can mislead innocent travellers, resulting in complaints, unsatisfactory travelling experience, and even travelling trauma. Cool Cousin is trying to eliminate and prevent such a thing from happening by encouraging a special community growth between travellers.

Several technologies will be used to create a safe and solid community. The blockchain technology, for a starter, will create a transparent and honest platform with minimal scams or manipulation. It is guaranteed a safe platform for everyone. Second, the use of cryptocurrency will make everything easier and simpler. Payments can be made via this digital money, whereas rewards can be sent or received through the same system.

Tokens Importance and Funds Allocation

To support Cool Cousin growth, a certain token has been released, known as CUZ. The idea is to allow users to buy them, allowing adaptation and use to increase its value. Not to mention that the money from the fundraising can be used for platform’s development (from the development team’s side) and for investment (from the investors’ point of view).

The funds will be divided into several sectors for the operation, such as:

  • Development and research, which includes smart contract development, product design, app development for Android and iOS, and web interface.
  • Administration, including company expenses, accounting, and licensing
  • Sales and marketing, including SEO, PR, content marketing, promotion, and referral programs
  • Operation, including integration with other platforms and connections between communities
  • Legal matter, including legal expenses for global expansion
  • Contingency, which most likely covers for unexpected expenses

Those who are interested in making investments with this platform can stay tuned for the sales which should start around March 2018. The exact date hasn’t been officially announced so interested investors should wait for further information on the official website. Having a genuine travelling platform with all great features and handy systems can create fun and memorable experience, and that’s what Cool Cousin is trying to achieve.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


475 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


455 days ago




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