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EQUI (EQUItoken)

EQUI (EQUItoken)

EQui and How It Changes Traditional Venture Capital Management

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The idea for creating and developing a special platform for venture capital market and its development may seem like an odd idea. However, if you want to improve the economy and you want to contribute to its growth and development, such a platform is needed. For now, the idea for such a platform may seem irregular and unusual, but later, you will see that EQui as a platform will play a crucial role in the economy.

The Role of Venture Capital

Venture capital is basically a way for a business establishment to help other startups. Within a collective work, companies, individuals, and institutions can work together to provide the needed finance for other small (but promising) startups to develop and grow. These small startups are generally promising but they don’t have the right access to financial assistance – that’s why they need alternative financial sources to help them go.

In this platform, there are three different stages that are implemented for the main venture capital activities. The stages are:

  • Seed stage. This would be the first step in external investment. The idea is to help the company come off the grid, providing a solid foundation
  • Early stage. In this stage, the startup companies have to prove their concepts and the investment will be given to them. The idea is to boost marketing efforts as well making the sales go faster.
  • Growth stage. This is the further step providing extra financial support to the startups can go to the next stage. Further marketing strategy and improved sales will be needed for this stage.


One of the greatest perks of joining EQui platform is the equal opportunity for everyone to take part in the investment scheme. By joining the investment fund pool, you can also take part in the investment scheme, as well as gaining the possibility of getting the profits. Since this platform is adopting cryptocurrency implementation, the action to send out payment, receive profits, and such things alike can be managed efficiently and easily.

With the support of blockchain technology, you can expect a safe and secure platform. After all, every transaction will be recorded, kept, and shared in the network so the possibility of scam or manipulation can be limited, or even eliminated.

How the Tokens Are Used

When you decide to buy the tokens, it can be done for several reasons. First of all, you can do it for the sake of investment. When you buy the tokens, especially during ICO period, you can expect to gain a proper profit in the future. Second, you can keep the tokens. Keeping the tokens is doable and possible, especially if you want to have a reserve for making any investment in the venture capital.

All of the sales are taking place in March. From the 1 st of March to the 8th, you can take part in the pre-sale activity. With an investment of at least $100,000, you can get 25% of bonuses. The pre-sale period only lasts for a week – around 8 days, so you need to carefully take advantage of the period.

From the 15th to the 31st of March, the public ICO sale will take place, divided into three periods. The longer you take actions, the lesser bonuses that you can get. For instance, if you buy the tokens from the 22nd to the 31st of March, you will get 0 bonuses. So, if you want to enjoy the lower price for the token purchase and you also want to enjoy the bonus, you should act earlier.

If any of the tokens (dedicated for the sales) remain unsold during the end of the sales period, 50% of them will be distributed among ICO participants while the 50% will be given back to EQui platform for future investment adoption and usage. The tokens will only be distributed among ICO participants and investors, to help to control the price.

ICO investment isn’t for everyone but it can deliver promising reward for those who are into its project. View your options. If you are ready to join EQui platform, you only need to visit the official website and click on the provided link.

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