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Plentix (PTNs)

Plentix (PTNs)

Plentix and Future Referral Platform Creation

Review Project

How does the sound of a modernized referral platform sound to you? Is it reliable and more promising? Does it seem safe and trusted? Will you get the best gain from it? All of these questions may come to mind if you haven’t really understood the concept of Plentix, which will connect you to online referral programs. Not only you can use this platform to be connected, you can also expect some rewards with PTN tokens.

Issues to Tackle

The concept of Plentix may still be hazy for you, but here’s the big picture: When you are about to join a website, a marketplace, or when you want to buy something or hire a service, do you make those decisions on your own? Do you have other people recommended those things to you, giving you advice of which to buy and which not? Referral is basically similar to reviews–the major difference is, the referral is a direct action encouraged others to use the same products or services, while reviews are mostly about the written experience from past users.

The industry in businesses have spent millions of money for marketing and advertising only, focusing on a way to reach out target market. Don’t you think that the money can be well spent on other things, such as development or better branding? The same problem happens to customers too when they pick the wrong or unnecessary products or services. The money spent on those things can be used for other useful purchase or activities.

These are the common problems that Plentix is trying to tackle. The development team is trying to deliver the best outcome for both worlds: business and users. Through this blockchain referral platform, businesses can focus on the targeted market, making use of their marketing funds for better activities. Meanwhile, customers can get better feedbacks, opinions, or reviews over a product or a service so they won’t waste their money for nothing.

ICO Investment

Based on their timeline, the team is still developing their own specialized system, and they have been using PTN tokens as the major currency. If you check the timeline, the breakdown goes as this:

• March 2017 is phase 1 where they created codes for smart contract followed by testing period
• August 2017 is phase 2 where they release the MVP and POC version
• November 2017 is phase 3 where PTN token is used for the pilot project. The sale period has stated
• March 2018 is phase 4 where crowdsale and presale will take place
• July 2018 is phase 5 where platform solidarity and platform development will take place through beta version test
• January 2019 is phase 6 where they will integrate CRM and further platform advancement
• May 2019 is phase 7 where further expansion will happen

Those coming to the official website will be able to see that token presale period is still happening. There is a countdown still lasting to 31 days for interested users who want to invest their money in this platform. ICO investment can generate quite a handsome reward although it may be different from the regular type of investment. So, ready to invest with Plentix?

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


484 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


453 days ago



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