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Current (CRNC)

Current (CRNC)

Current Platforms and Its Role in Better Streaming Experience

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If you are into online streaming so much and yet you don’t want to always spend money for the subscription, why not joining Current? Yes, you will still have to pay for their service but you can also get rewards for every activity that you do. Isn’t that neat? This is a modern platform that isn’t only focusing on its well-being but also the well-being and happiness of their users.

How Current Solves the Common Issue

Aren’t you tired of having to create different accounts whenever you want to stream different contents from different sources? Don’t you find it inefficient when you have to switch accounts every time you want to use different sources? With Current, you will no longer have to deal with such a thing.

As a platform, it integrates features and contents from various popular and well-known media network into a personalized and all in one experience. Yes, with this platform, you only need to create one account and use it to be connected to other sources and have direct access to various contents.

In other websites, you will have to spend money for the subscription. Not to mention that you will spend time for viewing the contents and sharing and everything. Will you get a reward for your contribution? Not a chance. Even when you refer the websites to friends and they are interested in joining, you will not get anything.

In Current, however, things are different. They value your time and efforts, especially your contribution while doing activities within this platform. If you view media, you will be rewarded. If you share it, you will also be rewarded.

If you manage to bring other people to join the platform, another reward will be given to you. The more active you are, the more reward you will get. Your contribution matters and this is the major focus in this platform.

The General Benefits

From the previous description, there are some significant differences between this platform and other streaming websites. In general, there are some benefits to gain from joining the platform:

  • Transparent activities. This platform uses blockchain technology that promotes solid transparency for better and safer management. No one can cheat or manipulate in this platform. Every activity and contribution will be recorded so everyone will be rewarded based on their participation and contribution.
  • Flexibility and freedom. Unlike other websites with a centralized system, this platform is using the decentralized system. No one is being the ‘big boss’ so there is no controlling party that can rule everything.
  • Fair reward and treatment. Everyone has the equal proposition and chances in this platform. If you are active, your reward will be following suit.
  • Inexpensive service. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for the subscription. Everything is made affordable, and you can always get the reward for any activity you do.


About the Token

CRNC token will be the main currency for this platform. For now, Current’s development team has decided to release 1,000,000,000 of the token where they will be allocated in several sections:

  • 35% of them will be used for mining rewards. Mining rewards are those given for users’ activities, such as referral, content views or share, content creations, and such thing alike.
  • 35% will go to token sale
  • 12% will go to the team for their contribution
  • 10% is dedicated for strategic partners and community growth, including growth pool that will encourage token adoption in future
  • 5% is dedicated for advisors
  • 3% is for current foundation


Right now, Current is having a token sale and any interested investor can join easily. The fundraising isn’t only dedicated to investment prospect and opportunity, but also for different implementation for effective development. From the total fundraising, the distribution will be done for:

  • 40% for research and development, including the technologies being used or market research
  • 30% for platform development and also marketing. After all, strategic marketing is needed to attract customers
  • 25% for business, operation, and also the corporate development
  • 5% for administrative management and legal matters


If you want to take part in token sale, simply click on the provided link. You will be directed to another page where you will get instructions of what to do to complete your purchase. If you want to take part and yet you don’t have any cryptocurrency, no need to worry.

You can buy the token with fiat currency (real money). The token will be transferred to your CRNC wallet. If you already have BTC or ETH, simply exchange them with the CRNC token. You will be shown how to do it when you access the token purchase link. See how easy it is to join Current?

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


495 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


474 days ago






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