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Forty Seven Bank (FSBT)

Forty Seven Bank (FSBT)

The bank of cryptocurrencies

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FortySeven Bank wants to create the safe and user-friendly bank for everyone related to cryptocurrencies. FortySeven will be licensed by authorities and works under very specific rules.

The bank specializes its service in the digital currency. It supports cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies (money). It serves the basic services of cryptocurrency such as sale and purchase, investment, exchange, and saving. The main feature of FortySeven is the Multi-Asset. The feature is one of the products/services the platform has. The Multi-Asset allows its users to access their different bank accounts (wallets). The feature allows users to handle all crypto banking activities they want.

FortySeven develops a system fully integrated with blockchain, API, and smart contract. FortySeven offers best crypto-based technology products such futures, options, and bonds. FortySeven aims to create and lead a marketplace. All platforms, companies, and users in blockchain and cryptocurrency are able to do any banking transactions to different cryptocurrencies with Cryptobonds. It will be used on many cryptocurrency platforms (temporarily by FortySeven-developed platforms).

FortySeven is located in London. UK government and the authorities have favourable rules and conditions about cryptocurrencies and digital assets. The country provides access to great foreign exchange share from all foreign exchange deals in the world. This suggests that London is a strong location in the development of cryptographic banking services. FortySeven demonstrated its success in developing the crypto finance technology. The Bank also fulfils all requirements and follows the UK banking regulations.

All the processes that FortySeven has made will make it as a legal crypto bank. The technologies developed and offered by FortySeven can also address the various blockchain and cryptocurrency issues associated with financial transactions. The fewer potential problems, the higher the potential investor confidence level. This is certainly good for all parties. The world of crypto is a place that is claimed to be a safer and more comfortable place compared to existing financial and investment systems. The bank will be a strong indicator that the cryptocurrency can already be aligned with conventional money.

Crypto market, until now, is still a place that still has many problems. Many companies or users of cryptocurrency have problems when they have to convert their tokens into fiat or conventional currency and use them as capital. This certainly hampers their activities. FortySeven believes that cryptocurrency will become a new currency that will make payments most convenient, secure and profitable. FortySeven supports that possibility by providing open-source ICO. In addition, FortySeven will be the bank that has the most important role in the world of cryptocurrency.

In addition, the bank will also provide escrow services and smart contracts. This bank can also be used as an arbitrator when there is a problem (related to the financial ICO). But to do so, FortySeven certainly requires cooperation with legal consultants in London. Until now, FortySeven is the only bank in the crypto ecosystem. Currently, crypto market capitalization has increased sevenfold. This indicates that the crypto market has great potential and needs good bank services to enable this ecosystem to flourish.

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