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ConnectJob (CJT)

ConnectJob (CJT)

ConnectJob Role and Technology in Modern Job Market

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Is it possible for ConnectJob to provide a safe environment for job seekers (job providers) and clients? Yes, with the help of new technologies to make sure that everything is running as planned.

There are some new technologies being included in the system, and all of them are intended to make any job deal or transaction run smoothly without complication or complaints.

Modern Work and Technology

We have to admit that we live in the modern era where jobs can be done remotely. Sure, some jobs require traditional handling and management, but you should also be able to find various new jobs and services that don’t require close physical existence. And this is what ConnectJob is trying to facilitate.

This platform is offering any kinds of services from various job providers. It is basically a place where clients and providers can interact and communicate digitally, sealing the deal, and getting on with the project. Since everything is run and managed digitally, placing orders and making payments can also be done digitally. No need needs to meet face to face – they can communicate through online, agree on the job, and get on with it.

Most Common Issues and Solutions

When we are talking about the traditional job platform, there are some basic and common issues related to them. That’s why ConnectJob is trying to solve those issues by implementing the right strategy and technology. The most common issues are:

  • Security. You have to admit that remote work is prone to scams – it is about the trust issue. But this platform is running on blockchain technology, so you can expect a solid security feature. It uses smart contract and a system where everything is recorded. It is also running with cryptocurrency with SmartDec full audit for the vault account, making it super tough and also transparent at the same time.
  • Centralized system. The traditional system is using a centralized system which is prone to manipulation, especially from the controlling authority. This platform, however, is running on a decentralized system, which means that there won’t be any single authority that is controlling everything. The possibility of manipulation and scam will be limited.
  • Costly system. One of the biggest flaws in the traditional system is the middlemen, resulting in high cost – for the operation as well as for total cost. In this platform, however, there won’t be any middlemen or whatsoever, so you can save up money without having to spend extra.


As you can see, the overall concept is quite simple and yet there is a strong presence of technology that improves the quality of service as well as delivery. The smart technologies are the ones providing the solid base and more appealing quality to the execution.

ICO Investment

In this type of investment, you are basically given a chance to buy the tokens with the standard price. If you buy the CJT tokens during pre ICO period, you can even get a lower price. The idea is to provide enough funds for the project to finally launch and finalize. On your part as the investors, you are given the chance to make profits. Once the platform launch and gain more reputation, the value of the tokens will increase even higher. You buy low and then sell high – can you imagine what kind of profit to gain from such implementation?

What’s with ICO sales, anyway? It turns out that the development team is having ICO sales not only to create its own specific ecosystem but also for other reasons, such as:

  • The CJT tokens will be the heart of ConnectJob activities. Making reviews, getting rewards, or making payments will all be done through this platform and its currency.
  • Once the existence is strengthened and made solid, the token allows the company to reach higher success through profitable growth and critical mass
  • It is a workbench that can be used to design this platform’s future so it develops into a full decentralized system. The tokens will be used for compensation and coordination tools within this community.


While it is still applicable, consider participating in ICO sales from this February the 12 th to April the 30 th 2018. 1 ETH is equal to 2,400 CJT tokens. Enjoy the benefits of getting handsome discounts during first and second weeks. As time passes by, the number of discounts will be reduced and limited.

Get a detailed information and resource about this platform and its future – whether it is promising for future use or does it have a chance of growing? If you are ready, you can always join with ConnectJob for more flexible job arrangement.

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