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SyncFab (MFG)

SyncFab (MFG)

Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Blockchain

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How SyncFab solves problems

SyncFab is a medium created to support enterprise decentralization through peer-to- peer based ecosystems. These efforts are implemented in cooperation with several local (regional) and national companies. This activity will be supported by MFG Utility Token.

SyncFab has researched the problems faced by local producers/companies to expand their business, expand the network, and meet global market demand. During this time, the production and distribution chain often involves only certain parties (large parties). This obviously gives more burdens on small companies to grow and market their products.

The main problem that small companies often encounter is the difficulty in determining the selling price because of the frequent distribution regulation. Small companies that involve others in the product distribution process often complain about the high cost of distributing their goods; more expensive than production costs. In addition, regulatory changes (including prices) are unknown to producers.

SyncFab wants to change it all. Through a cryptocurrency-based platform, the company wants to trim its long and blurry distribution path. SycnFab wants to promote transparency in distribution, procurement, and bargaining. This transparency works so those small companies can avoid brokers and regulatory ambiguities; two things that often trigger a price increase.

Through a peer-to- peer system, members in an ecosystem can meet directly with the parties they do need transparently and without intermediaries. This is a remarkable concept, but SyncFab also faces some serious problems in carrying out its mission.

The Problems

As a blockchain-based company, SyncFab (with a mission to trim the flow of goods distribution) certainly faces serious challenges from brokers and conventional shipping/procurement companies. With the increasing acceptance of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, these companies feel that SyncFab is a serious threat.

In addition to challenges from these companies, prospective users of SycnFab also still doubt the utility of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Why? The digital era known and used by most of the world's people is a combination of pens, computers, money, and regulations. Those things are the real thing. Many people who feel safe enough, comfortable, and fortunate when using the system.

Meanwhile, according to them, blockchain and cryptocurrency is a (not too) new technology that is not (too) real. Such technology is perceived to exist when it can provide benefits but is considered non-existent when (unfortunately) its users experience a loss.

Solution from SyncFab

To solve the problem, SyncFab uses the MFG utility token. This token has a very high utility. This is one of the tokens that already have licenses from several parties such as banks. Banks are the main benchmarks in the blockchain system. The recognition of a bank in a digital currency means that the currency can indeed be used.

In addition to having a licensed token, as a blockchain based platform, SyncFab certainly offers excellent data security. It is cannot be denied that data theft is very detrimental to a company.

Furthermore, both MFG tokens and blockchain systems make it easy for SyncFab users to trim (make very little) of a company’s expenses to perform its business activities. The peer-to- peer system creates an opportunity for every member to meet more people to help them grow their business.

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