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Helbiz (HBZ)

Helbiz (HBZ)


Review Project

Helbiz can provide a suitable business model for the long term. The company makes HelbizCoin for payment methods on this platform and uses the mobility system to use the service on the platform. The company will increase revenue through services and tools used by the mobility system. The company has a long-term view of getting revenue streams from multiple sources.

Economic Benefits

This company revenue is derived from commissions from end users. The end user must pay the vehicle rental fee and the price is included in the commission for this company. This is one source of service for car sharing. The company also benefits from the price that direct service providers must pay because the service provider must share the data.

The exchange is an internal exchange performed by this service to turn crypto into HelbizCoin. If the user uses a digital key, then this company will also get the commission. Companies can access a lot of data like status, and usage.

This data can be used as an additional service for vehicle owners. The blockchain ecosystem will be merged with a token to access the service. This can generate more users for the platform. The services and products will benefit the users who have joined this system. Users who use tokens will benefit from this platform.


You do not need a central authority to agree to the terms of the transaction and verify the payment. The user identity will be processed by transparent technology on this transaction. The process performed on this platform is verification and this will be done by a smart contract.

The contract will verify a number of things consisting of the condition of the vehicle, the willingness to divide the vehicle have minimum reputation score, and vehicle ownership. Tenants can share the data and get rewards.

This platform can simplify payments because it uses a special currency so you do not need to perform unsecured financial transactions. These costs are derived from traditional money circulating in the ecosystem.


If you want to rent your vehicle, then you must meet these requirements. You can open access to rent your vehicle. The next step is to start your vehicle engine. International payments do not require authorization from the centre so users from different countries can make payments in no time. Helbiz shares data and unlocks car technology worldwide.

This platform ensures access for everyone. Users can access the transaction fairly. This platform will not discriminate users. One token will not connect you to the external economy. The trust currency can prevent people who do not have the currency. The currency can also be manipulated by other parties.

Token Transactions

The current network cannot support transaction volume but this platform believes future technology can do just that. Economic logic can produce great value but this can pose great risks. You can only use the original token to pay for services on this platform.

International users can access this service because this platform only uses the original token. This is a utility token that users can use this app. This token will be distributed to users after token generation event. The publishing of the token will be scheduled by Helbiz.

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