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FarmaTrust (FTT)

FarmaTrust (FTT)

Saving lives using blockchain and AI

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FarmaTrust and Taking an Important Step with It

Trying to completely eliminate fake drugs may seem impossible but FarmaTrust has been developing a system that makes it possible. Removing them from the community 100% may be difficult but when there is a helpful platform providing the means, end users can be prevented from consuming fake drugs – which can lead to further complications or even death.

Identifying the Major Global Issue

Pharmaceutical business is a billion dollar worth of industry, which makes it lucrative for the heartless people to tap in. The making and distribution of fake drugs doesn’t only hurt this sector but put people in danger. Can you imagine the risks of consuming counterfeit drugs? Can you imagine the danger of putting any dangerous chemicals or substances to the body without knowing it? This is the dangerous part of the drugs – putting people’s lives in a more dangerous state.

Besides the problem with the danger, tracking the fake drugs is super difficult. Fake drugs manufacturers understand that the drugs supply chain is a series of complicated process, and they see an entrance to their products. Once counterfeit drugs have come to the distribution chain, it makes them even more difficult to track. The combination of risky consumption and financial loss is what makes the health industry worries about this growing condition.

The Role of FarmaTrust

FarmaTrust sees this condition and they decide to do something about it. By incorporating blockchain technology and cryptocurrency application, they want to change the situation. First of all,this platform is open for everyone, especially end users, pharmaceutical companies, government,and regulators.

Everyone can interact and engage, creating its own community where end users can have the most current updates about the industry. Regulators and governments can make use of the platform to issue regulations, policies, info, or updates. The same thing can be done by pharmaceutical companies when they want to launch products. They can also use this technology to track distribution, making sure that nothing happens along the way.

For end users, they can trace the products, making sure that it is completely safe and legit. Those who become members in this platform can directly interact with pharmaceutical companies to buy the drugs. It eliminates middle men who are generally responsible for the expensive cost.

End users can be sure that they get the legit drugs with lower price while the companies can sell out drugs without overcharging it, and be sure that they have reached the target market. The payment is using the cryptocurrency, creating more efficient, easier, and also cheaper payment method.

Investment Chances

If you are interested in the concept and you want to take part in the investment, you can always buy the tokens, while the price is still low. Not only you can improve your investment portfolio, you can actually do something to make the world a better place.

Understand that fake drugs are dangerous and they have affected the industry for quite a while. If you take part in FarmaTrust mission now,you have made sure that their movement in the distribution will be limited, even stopped.

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