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Bridge Protocol (IAM)

Bridge Protocol (IAM)

Bridge Protocol is building new tools and standards for businesses, KYC and ICOs

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The Bridge Protocol is a community driven distributed compliance standard for ICOs that provides a safe, legal and an elegant Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) process to comply with various international regulations. It creates an open, distributed network of validators which regulate the behavior of its participants to provide high assurance interactions.

At its core the management system proposes to create a unique digital identity tied to a blockchain that functions both as digital finger-print and pen for the end-user. Your identity is recorded, immutable and portable within the NEO smart economy.

How do i earn?

The Bridge Protocol is a digital identity driven blockchain technology and consequently does not lend itself to revenue-based cryptocurrency loan platforms that offer a passive income stream. As a result, participation in the ICO and thus holding of associated token/s for future wealth accumulation and/or trading through cryptocurrency exchanges are the only options available to the investor.

Additional info

  • Total supply of 1,000,000,000 IAM coins (one billion)
  • The IAM coin will be priced at $0.05 a piece and will only accept NEO.
  • 500,000,000 (five-hundred million) IAM coins will be for sale during the crowdsale
  • Minimum of 1 (one) NEO and maximum of 5,000 (five-thousand) NEO per individual (NEO is not divisible)
  • ICO start date is on February 5, 2018 and will end by February 28, 2018



The Bridge Protocol Team as detailed within the white paper demonstrates a solid professional business structure with corporate governance, marketing and public relations to technology development. Additionally, the inclusion of team details to this project has only further reinforced the scale of qualified professional depth, and commitment respectively. It is acknowledged positively that such transparency only legitimizes the project and further instills confidence within the investment community.

The proposed identity management system benefits from blockchain technology, and for purposes of utilizing the identities therein contained, NEO was chosen for its existing functionality and potential development opportunities. The integration of a digital identity directly on the blockchain, instead of working as a distributed app over the top (e.g. Ethereum) solidifies the high-assurance certification and other features such as lower transactional costs, and data portability. Clearly, the association with a trusted platform which requires certain approvals to be part of the NEO smart economy is a further strong indication of the project’s significance.

Bridge will run operate its own private blockchain for transactions using the Bridge IAM token, designed to pay for transactional costs on the network and microservices it provides. IAM tokens are NEP-5 compliant, minted through a NEO Smart Contract and therefore are available for storage using the Neon app or similar compatible wallets. This is a particularly useful feature as not only does it provide for ease of migration and storage but further supports the Neon app as a future universal wallet.

The concept of centralized identity storage makes us vulnerable to monitoring and further open to potential privacy violations. With Bridge Protocol implemented the investor no longer has a requirement to submit multiple KYC processes. In simple terms it provides a single identity that you can use to interact securely with the world around you. Unlike Google or Facebook tracking your every move it is completely private only you have access to and control over your identity, not a corporation or government.

One billion tokens will only be minted and none thereafter. These tokens will then be divided into two equal portions. The first portion of 500 million tokens is distributed to supporters during the crowdfunding phase. The second 500 million is managed by the Bridge Corporation to support development, operation and maintenance. At the close of the token sale, 480 million of this latter portion will be locked for 6 months. This represents a clear financial strategy that ensures the future growth within all three areas of the project and ultimately the longevity of the token value.

Like with all the previous ICO’s of this nature that have recently emerged adopting the NEO smart economy, the level of communication and commitment to address investor’s concerns is of a high standard. The array of social media platforms that the business development team use to convey information and communicate real-time further demonstrates their commitment and really is to be commended.


Since the Bridge Protocol utilizes the NEO development platform, participation in the ICO have been entirely limited to NEO tokens. This is strategy has been employed in part to maintain the significance of NEO as cryptocurrency but to also emphasize the synergetic relationship it has with the smart economy. However, since NEO is not a divisible cryptocurrency by design it limits capital investment options.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


532 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


509 days ago



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