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TraDove (BBCoin)

TraDove (BBCoin)

Tradove and How It Tackles the Challenges

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Tradove is targeting some common problems often experienced by business to business sector. B2B platform isn’t an easy setting. It is complicated. It takes extra work and management, and it can be a headache. But thanks to Tradove, everything should run more easily and smoothly now. After all,with the creation of a new platform – complete with the advanced system and all – it is possible to run a business while entrusting others.

B2B Implementation and Its Common Issues

If you have a business and you have been involved in some of the B2B scheme, you will find out that managing such work isn’t easy. Some of the most common problems are:

  • The limited transparency. Finding the matching sellers and buyers can be difficult. You can’t always find reviews concerning a business’ performance. Sometimes, even when there are reviews, they aren’t valid and can’t be trusted.
  • The difficult discovery. If you have done traditional methods for searching out sellers (or buyers), the contact numbers aren’t always working well. The traditional communication can be inefficient and slow.
  • Not having enough advertising. It is too bad that B2B market doesn’t have such thing as Google Adwords. Most of the ads platforms are quire rudimentary and pretty restricted.
  • The lack of trust. You have to admit that trust has been a major issue in business. Local banking can be a headache. The cost for sending out (or even receiving) money can be expensive. When you want to expand the business to the global platform, problems are getting complicated instead becoming easier.


Tradove Solutions

If you see some of the problems, it is pretty understandable that business people have a hard time entrusting B2B platform. But with Tradove, it is expected that all of those issues can be tackled and solved with the best solutions only. The solutions offered by this platform are:

  • Transparent B2B platform. By integrating social network features and functions, references and endorsement to trusted users can be made. It saves up time, energy, and efforts, for sure.
  • Buyer and seller interaction. The platform basically provides a place where sellers and buyers can meet and interact. The platform can also help finding a matching pair by using the users’ profile and business purposes.
  • Exact advertising. Again, based on the users’ profile and business concepts, targeted ads can be achieved. This is super efficient to handle marketing and sales without fuss.
  • Solid payment solution. Thanks to the cryptocurrency inclusion, no need to worry about the limited services of local banks or the exorbitant fee rate. Not only this platform is more trusted, managing the payment is also easier than ever.


Basically, this platform is like the social media for business. If you are familiar with LinkedIn, then you get the basic idea. The problem with LinkedIn is that it isn’t appropriate for business. Making a fake profile is easy, but not so much about Tradove. You won’t be able to fake your profile because your network has its special digital identity. This is one of the major reasons why this platform is safer – all of the members are genuine and real.

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