Savedroid Review-Easy and Profitable Cryptocurrencies from the Savedroid

Savedroid Review-Easy and Profitable Cryptocurrencies from the Savedroid

Let Us Knowing More about Savedroid

Have you ever heard about Savedroid before? Maybe some of you are still not familiar with that thing. Savedroid is a stock company (Aktiengesellschaft) on2015 as a part of the Unibator Goethe University Frankfurt/Germany – the central of Euro zone currency.

Since that time,Savedroid had been collected more than €3 million equality from the well-known investor such as ISB or the Investment and Economic Development Bank. Not long from that, Savedroid launched the credit card so that the money that is saved can be used easily to buy all the users’ need.

Savedroid and Cryptocurrencies

Now Savedroid comes with the new thing. They have great motto of “Cryptocurrencies for everyone” as the development of their specialized, the Artificial Intelligence (AI). What is cryptocurrencies? Actually, it is a digital currency that is processed with cryptography encryption. There are many kinds of Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, etheremum, ripple and much more and everyone can create their own cryptocurrencies.

In this case, Savedroid will make the AI ecosystem which is really unique and as a part of crypto and investment saving for the mass. Users will still get the profit and easy access to the plan of crypto saving based on AI on bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Stellar, Dash, Ethereal and many more,included the superior crypto.

Savedroid Projects and Services

At the present time, Cryptocurrencies is maybe not a familiar thing for everyone and maybe most of the people thought that it just for the small group of the people who expertise in finance.Savedroid comes with a mission or project to eliminate the existing barriers and make cryptocurrencies for all the people. Basically, Savedroid will give the convenient and smart crypto investing and saving.

Cryptocurrencies is maybe complex, but Savedroid makes it is much easier than before. In addition, users don’t need to separate between the personal wallets, exchanges and private key handling. Savedroid will reduce those complexities and replace it to a condition that the mass or users already know and accept about a market when they deal with the personal finances.

However, all is still on the AI Based savings. This project is for everyone and not only for the small elite group of financial experts.

Savedroid Token

Savedroid made the ERC20 utility token that is used a built-in deflation mechanism. It is as suggested by Vitalik Buterin4 in order for supporting the future value of the token from Savedroi. This token is well-known with SVD. With this token, the user can purchase the crypto service within the ecosystem of Savedroid. The user can buy that token and use it, but on the other side, they can also sell the SVD privately to support the token exchanges.

Cryptocurrencies from Savedroid is really profitable for the global trade and can be used for everyone. Besides that, it is also 100% safe because it cannot be forged and use the safety system of cryptography. You can join now and if you are still in any doubts, consulting with your financial professional advisor can be the right solution to do.

ICO Detail

Token Name
09/02/2018 – 09/03/2018
1 SVD = 0.01€
Equity on offer
60% (6,000,000,000 SVD)
Total Supply
10,000,000,000 SVD




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