Repux ICO Review-Technology Used by REPUX to Support Its Networks

Repux ICO Review-Technology Used by REPUX to Support Its Networks

Sophisticated Layers

Repux-To support the performance, REPUX is supported by REPUX protocol and it is divided into 4 separated layers. The first layer is application layer which useful to support peer to peer network. The benefit is to manage the transactions well and automatically. The interaction between each member can also be developed smoothly.

The key is on its decentralized system which will distribute the computing system and infrastructure and also protocol easier and simpler. The layer is also important to secure the transactions. It will be difficult to create fake or fraud transactions due to the sophisticated technology used in REPUX. The second layer is known as data layer.

The purpose of this layer is to make sure that the data is successfully stored in decentralized system. As the result, data are easily to manage for various purposes. To run such kind of process, REPUX is using various technologies. One of the technologies is known as IPFS or Intern Planetary File System.

IPFS is a protocol to support decentralized and permanent method in data sharing and storing. By using this type of technology, data sharing and storing can be used peer by peer or direct transactions safely. IPFS helps to coordinate the counter delivery, define the content system, and support easy to access data. The third is logic layer and it is useful to develop well managed recorded transactions. All the activities including the transaction will be recorded automatically and completely.

The system will be supported by Ethereum and smart contracts to make sure about the protection. The fourth is layer for data. The data will be managed along with IPFS system along with private Ethereum and smart contracts. The process can be done along with REPUX tokens.

Ethereum Blockchain

Besides supported by Oracle system, REPUX is also using Blockchains. The blockchain will be changed constantly based on the latest innovation. Due to this method, there is a possibility that REPUX is using different type of blockchain in the future.

The type of the blockchain is of course based on its performance and system. The main option for today is Ethereum because this blockchain developed significantly and compatible with decentralized method. By creating such kind of technology, REPUX is able to use for various purposes including archiving database, big data, advertising and online contents, and ecommerce and international trades.

To introduce this technology, REPUX has been released pre sale digital tokens to the public. As the use of digital tokens, you are an investor and the rule will be managed by a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens




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