Firelotto Review and ICO Detail-Blockchain and lottery game

Firelotto Review and ICO Detail-Blockchain and lottery game

Fire Lotto Review

Blockchain-based lottery game such as Fire Lotto is a new era in the lottery industry. The use of digital currency in this game is very reasonable. Many people around the world are beginning to assume that the lottery is not a fair game; the game is controlled by the Bandar which imposed a monopoly.

Transparency is taboo in the gambling industry (including lottery). Blockchain technology wants to eliminate it. In addition to transparency and fairness, this new type of lottery game can also serve as an investment medium (of course if you win one).

Fire Lotto is a game system created using the Ethereum blockchain can operate autonomously.All data is stored in cryptographic form in a decentralized public blockchain. This game is available online (has a more flexible regulation) so the new technology is expected to address some of the main issues in lottery play.

This new lottery type will use the random number generation (RNG) method. RNG is a safe,transparent, fair and claimed method to minimize manipulation and fraud. The RNG used in this game adapts to the cryptocurrency decentralization protocol over time (up to date).

World lottery industry

Industry lottery experienced growth compound annual growth rate / CAGR of 4.3% per year. In 2004, the industry generated $ 188 and that figure increased to $ 294 billion by 2016. This is a stable industry; it is evident that in 12 years (2004 to 2016), lottery sales decreased only once.Most of the transactions are from Europe and America (over 64%).

Along with the ease of Internet access and smartphone development, the online lottery can be accessed by anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Online lottery can generate more than 40 billion dollars per year and has an ever-growing number of users. With the internet and smartphones, more people around the world can join the lottery. There are currently many B2C companies offering online lottery platforms.

Most of its users, to date, are from America and Europe (44%).However, with the Fire Lotto, it is not impossible that there will be more people from developing countries can also follow the new way of buying this lottery.

Blockchain-based VS single server lottery games

In some countries, cash-based gambling games (including sweepstakes) are illegal games.Meanwhile, in some other countries, this game must have permission and supervision. Those two things are not really a problem as more countries have special (more flexible) rules for gaming games. The real problem that the cash-based lottery is experiencing is the ‘cut’ when someone takes the money/prize he/she wins.

The existence of ‘corruption’ in the game is certainly a big problem that could cause users to switch to other lottery companies. Another problem comes from the use of a central server.Conventional lottery companies still use a single server. The use of a single server has long been suspected to be used for monopoly.

In addition, the fairness of the random number generators in companies that still use a single server is also doubtful. Problems like this are the underlying Fire Lotto for making lottery games based on blockchain.

ICO Detail

Token Name
Pre ICO : 15/01/2018 – 15/02/2018
ICO : 15/03/2018 – 15/04/2018
1 FLOT = 0,35 – 0.70 USD
Equity on offer
77% (77.000.000 FLOT)
15,000,000 USD




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