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CoinMetro (XCM)

CoinMetro (XCM)

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The digital is not about technology electronic tools only such as computer, gadget, etc. More than all aspects shall depend in technology, the one is economy. Asymmetric of the sophisticated is nope bridge and here’s going to be brigde in the meanwhile traditional and emerging asset classes.

CoinMetro platform is the best solution for economy essential is cryptocurrency. Platform as a place for any activities of cryptocurrency which fast, user-friendly, had licensed and compliant. It had a vision to drop the fee becomes free between users of platform, tradiotional financial market, and emerging digital asset.

The problem of environment is detachable in two points are problems with existing exchange and problems with existing ICO.

1. Problems with existing exchange environment

There is had two main problems in exchange environment. One of them is based on Harvard Business Review article on 2017, it told that entire lack of usability as the single largest extend public adoption. Companies as a creator must work hard to correct the problem is users that won’t change their requirement from traditional ways. Present an alternative to change users or society’s behavior which expensive or unattractive solutions.

Second is the difficulty have done by users. They must to use an exchange service could do for bitcoin, then it is going some website to do exchange into cryptocurrencies and transfer it back into a bitcoin. After that transfer out of exchange and back to a fiat getway in order to.

2. Problems with existing ICO environment

Discuss about problems in this point is prefer into qualities of ICO. A line of a combination of copious publicity, regulations are not qualified or lack of regulations,money oriented mental and lack of experience. Particulary, an experience to change this industry become as an aspire. So, it require professionals in field to deduct the loss.

Off this problems, the solutions are provide to solve it. First solving it is about existing ICO environment. As we knew that the problem is the quality of human is not qualitfied or not have an experience, so in every core member of the CoinMetro had it. Team experiencing becomes from an enterprise level background in finance and the related field.

Back to the vision is create the bridge and plan to build a foundation in fintech space, to seamlessly integrate traditional brokerage service by this platform. The second solution is join in strategic partner is FXPIG. The company which has been a profitable Forex brokerage company which is focus on transparancy, traders, and customer service.In addition to, it has over six years experience dealing unregulated and regulated environment. CoinMetro to ask with laws and regulations can apply into a relevant jurisdictions.The last is registration,licensing, and regulation (multiple jurisdictions)

CoinMetro has launch of the CoinMetro Exchange as a registered eMoney Institution.Operating multi-faceted fintech platform means require a multiple licenses in jurisdiction. It for remain compliant to the services are had plan and CoinMetro Token Sale will be based in Hong Kong to compliant the regulatory out there.

About the eMoney license is still in the process in Georgia and an alternative payment (And Crypto Exchange). Immediately,eMoney license will able to operate payment service, dealing in flat transactions with countries where particularly applicable by law which live outside European Union.

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