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Moonlite(MNL) Token Sale

Moonlite(MNL) Token Sale

Large scale, green crypto mining ICO

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Moonlite and A Glimpse about Mining Activity

If you have never heard about Moonlite platform, and yet you are interested in the cryptocurrency sector, this is your chance to learn more about the sector. Cryptocurrency has solidified its existence within the last decade – at least, for the last 9 years in the process.

Aside from its reputation as the future of digital currency, there are many elements that make it interesting to explore. One of them is the cryptocurrency mining. If you are interested in the cryptocurrency from the investment point of view, you should have a detailed look into the purpose, and how everything is arranged.

Why Cryptocurrency?

Why would anyone be interested in the cryptocurrency? Isn’t it just the same as the current currency we are having, running through the online system? Well, they may be currencies but they are running on different platforms.You see, the traditional currency we have is the centralized system, which means that there is an entity that controls everything – the distribution, the value, etc.

Check your wallet and see who publish the bill or the coin. What we have today is the traditional currency that can be transferred or managed through online.When you have to use your credit card, you are basically using the money ‘stored’ within the card.When you transfer money through the ATM, you are moving your traditional money to other person’s account.

Meanwhile, cryptocurrency doesn’t work like that. It is the decentralized system, meaning that there is no entity controlling everything. No one sets up the value, and no one monitors the movements.This makes cryptocurrency super flexible and free. Because it is a digital money, you only know it by numbers – there is no physical form.

You can send out your digital money to others without leaving a trace. You can get the money and no one will be able to track it. With cryptocurrency, everything is made easier and simpler without any binding or restriction.

Just like other currencies, you can also invest your money with it. Whether you want to save your cryptocurrency or you want to get passive income from it – the overall implementation is up to you.There are several ways for you to generate the cryptocurrency. You can always exchange it. You can also sell products or service with the exchange of getting the digital money. One of the most favorable methods that people like is to mine it.

Mining Concept

So, what can you get from the mining activity? Well, basically, any mining activities – traditionally or digitally – are just the same. You try to get the cryptocurrency for free, although you may need to have the equipments and also the programs. When compared to other alternatives, mining requires extra patience. Don’t expect to get handsome rewards in such a short time. In fact, you need to wait for a little bit longer time until you can see a fruitful outcome.

This is the basic concept that Moonlite is trying to develop. The team behind the platform’s development project understands that mining can be complicated and difficult. That’s why they are trying to develop a way so members of the platform can benefit from the mining activities. Not only that, they are trying to develop a system so members can mine different types of cryptocurrencies,such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, or DASH.

The General Benefits

Aside from the more efficient mining activities, Moonlite tries to develop a technology where they don’t really have to spend too much energy – which can affect the surroundings. They believe in green technology, and they want to create a platform that can boost mining activities to the highest point with the usage of green technology. Right now, they are focusing on the data center in Iceland,intended to reduce the excessive heat from the technology.

One of the major reasons why the first data center of Moonlite is set in Iceland is because of the natural surrounding, which is cold and not really as crowded as other places. The natural cold is important because the development team doesn’t need to build another additional cooling structure. Moreover, the tariff for basic connections (for industrial use, mind you) is pretty inexpensive, so it should be a good option to start this platform up in such an accommodating area.

Final Words

In the end, creating a platform that is expected to boost greater mining outcome may sound ambitious, but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible. At least, this Moonlite platform provides a place for ambitious investors who want to take parts in the implementation without creating further environment issues.

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