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Crafty Token Sale

Crafty Token Sale

AI Crypto Platform For Self Employed Workers

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These days, there seems to be a cryptocurrency platform for almost every niche. While this is certainly a good thing, it also leads individuals to question the quality of the options out there and whether they are truly ones that can be reliable.

For those reasons, it is best to understand one’s options before purchasing any ICO. With that, this review would like to introduce a new platform that is specially geared toward the self-employed. Called Crafty, this is a cryptocurrency for the self-employed and according to the brand, it is also the first platform of its kind.

What Is Crafty?

Crafty is a cryptocurrency for the self-employed. The platform is an autonomous system that is based on blockchain technology and that is powered by artificial intelligence so that those who do use the platform receive the best of the latest technology available.

The platform is mainly geared toward the self-employed in almost any industry so that anyone can get the support that they need. To date, the brand’s ICO is currently powered by 30 percent of the brand’s reserve funds, 50 percent of the brand’s crowd sale efforts, and 20 percent from bounty, promotions, advisors, and team founders.

How Crafty Reputation Value Cryptocurrency For Workers Work

Before choosing a cryptocurrency platform, it is always useful to verify its usefulness and ability to provide one with the qualities that they are looking for. In this case, Crafty is a fully operational platform that has been in action for two years.

The free platform makes it easier for individuals to hire autonomous professionals from anywhere and to conduct the transactions rapidly as well. Those who are part of this platform will find that its security, reliability, ease of use, and effectiveness are just what are necessary to make sure that their hiring decisions and employment options are verifiable and safe.

Crafty CFTY ICO Details

According to the platform, the basis of its ecosystem is that the Crafty Token (SFTY). Those who use the Crafty platform will receive a token with every evaluation that they get when their task is complete. Of course, it is always best to receive quality evaluations to gather more tokens. The release of tokens for evaluations ensures that the CFTY token is always in circulation, making it more valuable.

While the Crafty Token pre-sale is closed, the public sale will open on February 12. Those who are interested in being a part of this sale can visit the brand’s website and set the countdown clock to their own time zone so that they can make a purchase right when it opens. In addition, the brand offers individuals the opportunity to join its whitelist, telegram, and airdrop as well.

Easy To Use

Those who use this platform will also find it very easy to use. According to the program, there are a number of steps involved, which are as follows:

  • Choose a professional through the database of service providers – both parties are free to negotiate the price and terms of their agreement
  • Services and payment terms are agreed upon and the tasks are complete
  • Contractors provide a paid evaluation and the professional receives the CFTY token in return
  • CFTY tokens can be gathered and used for services or products


Crafty Summary

Overall, those who are interested in using a unique, innovative, and reliable platform that could be the next solution for hiring contractors and finding employment as a contractor may want to consider Crafty.

To learn more about Crafty, to purchase its token, and to get started, just visit the Crafty website today.

Token Sale

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