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WorldWiFi (WT) Token Sale

WorldWiFi (WT) Token Sale

The Free WiFi for Everyone

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What comes to mind when you hear the name WorldWiFi? The WiFi technology that is operating globally? A global WiFi for everyone? Well, almost everything is right. This is a new and future platform with decentralized free WiFi. With blockchain technology, it is hoped that everyone gets the same chance to access the digital world. And hopefully, such a seemingly simple idea (and act) can mean a lot that changes someone’s life for good.

The Most Common Issue

Technology isn’t the biggest problem that we are dealing with right now. The biggest problem is the equal opportunity to access the internet. Everyone knows that the world we know today won’t exist without the internet. That’s why those who have greater access to the digital world will likely gain more opportunity and chances.

The problem with today’s world is the uneven numbers of those having a direct access to the net and those who don’t. Many people are still left behind simply because they can’t afford the technology. They can’t afford the device and also the internet access. Some may be able to afford the device, but not so much with the access. And this is how the role of WorldWiFi starts to come up.

The Purpose and Concept

The team behind the development understands how important the internet connection and access is, so they are developing a way so the provider, the user, and the advertiser will be able to work together. Wait, the advertiser? Well, naturally, there is nothing free in this world, so a simple working plan is developed. Private router owners (generally within the residential base) provide the free internet to the users.

Those owners will get cryptocurrency as the reward for their generous act – and the reward is provided by the advertisers. The users, naturally, are able to use the WiFi access for free, but they need to view the provided internet ads. The advertisers may have to spend their cryptocurrency but they are able to reach and get the target market.

In the end, everybody wins – not a single party is left behind. The advertisers are able to reach to the intended market but they are able to get the analytic assessment for their target work. The router providers get money from the free WiFi connection they provide, and the users won’t have to spend a dime to get the connection. This is the basic concept of WorldWiFi in general.

The Chance of Investment

If this sounds like a good future for you, you are welcome and even encouraged to join. The WorldWiFi development team is having a token sale, which means that they are offering the tokens to any interested investors so they can fund the project. The great thing about this whole thing is the use of cryptocurrency so there won’t be any hassle or complication in the execution. It is a good chance, considering that the price of the token is still pretty low.

So, if you want to contribute to a small kindness that can affect the world in a whole, this is your chance. Take a look at the detailed program of WorldWiFi and think carefully of your decision.

Token Sale

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