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Sapien Network (SPN) Pre-Sale

Sapien Network (SPN) Pre-Sale

Take Back Control Over Your Social Experience

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Sapien and the Future Social News Platform

When you hear about Sapien network, you are probably wondering what it is all about. It’s a new concept in social news where reliability and credibility become the priority. If you think that you can depend on the already existing news platform, be ready to be disappointed.

You can’t really tell which the real fact is and which fake news is. With this new platform, it is hoped that more reliable news can be created while reducing any hoax or fake news altogether.

Sapien and Social Control

The problem with our world today, especially in the news industry, is the easiness of creating fake news and distributing them so freely and openly. Aside from fake news, the control over hard cold real facts has been imposed and restricted. People no longer have this sense of security because they can’t easily share the real thing – replaced by the fake stories and inspirations.

This is the thing that Sapien tries to change. With emphasis on democracy and customized platform,it is hoped that the existence of social news will be strengthen, not by hoax and fake stories but by the real ones. In this platform, the easiness to share fake news and hoaxes will be limited.

Let’s work together to create an honest world where there is no more fake share and hoaxes. Let’s get back to the good old days where news is the way it is – it is sharable stories that can provide knowledge,insight, and knowledge to the readers.

The Features

Sapien consists of young teams trying their best to create a platform where everyone can join and everyone can benefit from the activities. They are trying to fund their project through the modern cryptocurrency to make the whole process easier. With the digital money, they are trying to fund the project by attracting as many investors as possible.

Becoming an investor isn’t difficult at all. You only need to buy the coins and you are automatically an investor. As easy as that!

There are some basic ideas, accompanied with the right features to support the platform.

  • Sapien focuses on high quality contents – not only for the sake of popularity and trending topics but for facts
  • Sapien is willing to reward creators for their originality and also their ability in creating contents and sharing it
  • Everyone is encouraged to contribute but it will be checked and evaluated for the sake of originality
  • The platform focuses on real work and originality, where reputation score will be implemented. It is designed to not only reduce fake news but also sharing them.
  • The SPN tokens (ERC20) will be used for the reward. Feel free to use it if you have it.
  • This platform provides autonomous implementation of social network without compromising the democratic principle


In short, the platform supports democracy and freedom of speech, but within the regulations set by the founder. After all, you have your rights but you should also respect other people.

If you want to invest your money while supporting the future healthy and clean social news network, this is your time to contribute with Sapien.

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