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Sandblock Token Sale

Sandblock Token Sale

Connecting Consumers and Brands with Blockchain

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Brands often invest a lot of money in retaining and attracting new customers. While customers are also receptive to such techniques, the problem comes with the issue of customer information being held and shared by companies creating serious privacy concerns.

This threat to the consumer privacy and data protection becomes a thorn on the brands’ side because, on the one side, they don’t want to spoil their reputation, and on the other side, they are unable to do their job effectively unless they turn to these conventional means.

Blockchain with incredible capability to handle data privately sounds as a perfect solution here. Sandblock is a new autonomous consortium that uses a decentralized protocol to connect brands and customers. This will help keep data safe and provide users with freedom to share it as they wish.

Sandblock is creating the first worldwide open coalition of merchants and customers using the advantages of cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology. Merchants offer more and more programs to gain customer loyalty yet, often returns are not met and consumer engagement is not ensured.

On the flip side, consumers find these programs confusing and complicated to cash in on. The Sandblock project aims to solve these issues by leveraging blockchain technologies and creating the Satisfaction protocol, protocol based on the Ethereum blockchain where merchants create their own tokens and customers can enjoy exchangeable, autonomous rewards for their engagement and loyalty.

The platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is populated by the native Satisfaction token (SAT). The Sandblock platform is an attempt to provide a level playing field for all brands by breaking the monopoly of big brands and getting rid of their exclusive access to customer data, which is currently kept illegally without any information of the relevant parties. Satisfaction’s decentralized protocol allows brands access to user information within the universally agreed data privacy concepts.

In order to reach out to the crypto community who are perhaps the most concerned group regarding privacy issues, the Sandblock developers have come up with a two pronged approach for their own name recognition.

Firstly, they are releasing a mobile application dedicated to all crypto community, whether or not are they interested in the new startup. The new mobile app can become a more effective method of crypto asset management. It allows trading and direct earning from all favorite shops. The application is already in alpha testing mode and a public beta will soon be released.

Next is Sandblock’s blockchain-based ecosystem. The platform converts all brand related aways into tradable crypto-assets and thus creates a rewards program working for people around the world, not just a specific country. The transaction fees are quite low, which enables microsavings from these rewards programs.

There is a base value set for each brand’s rewards, which helps to minimize the volatile aspects of the crypto market. This allows a real base value to be kept at all times even if a brand’s business can’t deliver on its own.

The Sandblock TGE will take place in the first quarter of 2018. The token name is SAT and the dates haven’t been announced as of yet. But, there will be a 15% bonus on offer for the first day followed by 10% the next day and 5% in the 10 ensuing days. The soft cap is 2,700 ETH and hard cap 8,000 ETH.

More details are going to be announced by the Sandblock guys in the near future.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


516 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


505 days ago




Q3 2017

  • Project creation
    The Sandblock project is initiated and the eight core team members join the adventure to build a decentralised consortium of merchants and customers.
  • Technical research
    Technical research of feasability on the potential blockchains (public and private). The first technical architecture is created using the best candidate, the public Ethereum blockchain and its Smart contracts.


Q4 2017

  • Whitepaper
    The second and third revisions of the whitepaper is published and shared with the community. A bounty program starts to help the Sandblock project reach a broader audience.
  • Partnerships
    We begin taking interest notice from merchants, retailers, brands and various service providers.
  • Protocol - private alpha
    Development of the Merchant Token contracts, consortium protocol and loyalty protocol. Contracts are deployed on the Ethereum Ropsten test network for internal/private testing.
  • Application
    Mockup and design of the customer application focusing on a user friendly experience for all kind of consumers (including non crypto friendly users).


Q1 2018

  • Public crowdsale
    The Sandblock project runs a public crowdsale to emit the Satisfaction Tokens and create the liquity for the future merchant partners. SAT become tradable on exchanges.
  • Protocol - private alpha
    Audit of the first implementations of the Satisfaction protocol. Development of the feedback protocol. Contracts are deployed on the Ethereum Ropsten test network for internal/private testing.
  • Application
    Development of the mobile application on iOS and Android. The first version includes the account and wallet setup, cryptocurrency payment using ETH, Merchant Tokens/loyalty programs management and merchant private feedback.
  • Merchant dashboard
    Development of the web dashboard dedicated to Merchants in order to help them integrate cryptocurrency payments, create, manage and configure their Merchant Tokens and its features.


Q2 2018

  • Partnerships - 500+ shops
    Partnership with 500+ points of sale and early adopters (brands, merchants, payment providers). Constitution of the merchants pilot group.
  • Protocol - public beta
    Audit of the first public implementation of the Satisfaction protocol. Contracts are deployed on the Ethereum Ropsten test network for public beta testing.
  • Application - public beta
    Release of the first version of the public application on the iOS appstore and the Android playstore using the protocol in beta phase on the test network.
  • Dashboard - private beta
    Tests of the Merchant dashboard begin with the merchants pilot group.


Q3 2018

  • Consortium - 2k+ shops
    First public merchant offer is release, target 2k+ online and physical points of sale from merchants partners using the Satisfaction protocol.
  • Protocol - release
    The first version of the protocol is released on the Ethereum main net. Pilot merchants programs are migrated from the test net to the main net.
  • Application - release 1.0
    Release of the first version of the public application on the iOS appstore and the Android playstore using the protocol on the Ethereum main net.
  • Dashboard - release 1.0
    Release the forst version of the public dashboard open to registration for merchants and brands.


Q4 2018

  • Consortium - 10k+ shops
    Intensify merchants acquisition, target 10k+ online and physical points of sale from merchants partners using the Satisfaction protocol.
  • Protocol
    Development and implementation of the advanced feedback protocol and the CSR protocol to help merchants engage more their customers through feedback and donations.
  • Application - release 1.1
    Development and implementation of the Marketplace to barter Merchant Tokens directly within the application.
  • Dashboard - release 1.1
    Upgrade of the merchant dashboard to handle automatic token generation and Smart Contracts deployement. Implement the new protocol features for merchants.

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