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Debitum Network (DEB) Token Sale

Debitum Network (DEB) Token Sale

Debitum, New Loan Project with Decentralized System

Review Project

Debitum is unique project that provide a loan with using the today’s decentralized network system or it is known as blockchain. The system is unique. The company that has this project is the company that runs in property industry.

However, they don’t use the cryptocurrency from this project to develop their real world project. They still use the standard method, so we can say that it is safe to invest in cryptocurrency from this project.

Who Will Get Benefit from This Project?

Debitum is provided for three different users. First is the small business that need fund to run their business. This project will be the easy solution for them. The other user that can get more benefit is individual or family user with high income

This project is good way to diverse their investment, so they can get more profit. The other one is service provider. Those companies that provide financial service and such will get great help with Debitum help.

The Service

Basically, Debitum is project that will give you loan. However, the loan came in cryptocurrency. Once you invest some amount of money to this project, you can get the cryptocurrency. However, because today the cryptocurrency hasn’t become the mainstream payment system yet, they will keep it for you.

By looking at the development of cryptocurrency today, we can say that in near future, we can use this system for standard financial transaction and activities.The main reason why you can invest in Debitum is because this project will give you safe collateral.The fund that you invest will be used to invest in property field.

Therefore, it’s safe and it can even grow into bigger amount. You will get more profit from it. And, we can say that their service is unique,because they use decentralized system. Currently, there are no similar loan services that use this system. So, it is quite promising.

The ICO and Token

The ICO has been held in 2 phase. The first phase was held on December 7 th  until 21 st , 2017.Debitum project has successfully collect 1.2 million USD from this ICO event. Then, the second round was held on January 25 th  until February 25 th , 2018. Basically, you still have a chance to get the token from the second round. So, you can join this project right now. On this second round, they will distribute 20,000 Ether (ETH)

The token that is used in Debitum project has two roles. They are value exchange role, where you can spend your token for many different services. On the other hand, the Debitum token also can be used as toll role. With this role, your token will be acted as protection for your fund.

Basically, Debitum is quite promising project in cryptocurrency field. It has unique feature and service that you won’t find on other service. Plus, the token application also makes your investment become much saver and has bigger chance to produce more profits. In the future, this project maybe will become great way to bring another new useful system in financial world.

Token Sale

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515 days ago

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484 days ago


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