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DAV Token Sale

DAV Token Sale

The Role of DAV in Boosting Development of Transportation System and Technology

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Cryptocurrency is well known for online transactions. The question is that is it possible to use cryptocurrency for different field such as transportation? DAV is coming with such kind of project. Check the detail below to know the project before following and using it.

How DAV Works for Daily Needs

DAV is the abbreviation of Decentralized Autonomous Vehicle and it is developed to welcome the next level of transportation system. The idea is using cryptocurrency to support transportation system especially to buy fuel.

The system works by using a computer network which will be connected to the personal vehicles such as car, truck, rover, and drone. Later, those vehicles are able to discover, communicate, and make transactions by using DAV tokens you have.In wider usage, DAV is also used for paying delivered package and charging vehicles at the charging stations.

By using DAV, transportation system especially related to transportation trading system will be simpler and much easier than before.DAV is not offering an easy and simple transportation system but also a secure system in order to establish a global payment standard. In short, DAV gives benefits for the drivers, users, and supporting infrastructure.

The Benefits of DAV Technology

DAV with cryptocurrency technology gives more benefits for the network. For example, by applying Decentralized Autonomous Vehicle there will be significant improvement on the economy level. Due to the benefits, people tend to use electric vehicle services and it saves their income significantly.

Moreover, it increases the level of safety and better transportation economy. Even, people can feel long term benefits only by applying DAV in transportation technology and system. DAV can also reduce high cost in transportation technology and system.

This platform triggers manufacturers to design cheaper, more reliable, and more capable vehicles along with high performance technology. Lidar is the best example in which it is a sensor attached at the top of the car to provide you with high resolution digital map.

Definitely, all parties get efficient transportation system to support daily activities including packaging delivery, comfortable public transportation system, and easier payment system. Interestingly, DAV can also suitable and legal for commercial use so it supports business a lot as well as its sales and income.

Wide DAV Network

When DAV cryptocurrency technology is installed there are several parties involved. The first party involves is vehicle providers. They receive cryptocurrency tokens when their vehicle is ready to use. Then, there is also infrastructure provider who receives tokens by providing specific things such as docking, charging system, battery replacement tool, and many more.

Service provider is also included on the network. They will earn tokens by providing maintenance services for vehicles with DAV system. Manufacturers are received tokens by selling the DVA platform along with open source software and parts. Even insurance providers got the benefits of DAV platform by offering data driven insurance policies.

Based on the explanation above, it can be concluded that DAV is a revolutionary platform which help boost the development of transportation system around the world. The most important, all people will get the benefits of DAV. Transportation system and technology will be improved one step ahead.

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