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RepuX Token Sale

RepuX Token Sale

Blockchain-powered Data Marketplace

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Repux presence is not a strange thing to the people anymore right now. Repux comes and attracts the attention of many people because of its simplicities and also its benefits. There is no specific requirement for the people or the companies which want to join this great project. The Repux team declared that this project will make a protocol that will monetize the data which will be transferred in a good way.

The Payment System in Repux project

There are no differences between the data collector, the developer or the final user at this project in the payment system. The payment system of this project is using a token (Repux Token; Repux token is a currency that is created by the team of Repux and it is the one and the only tool which is used as a currency in this project).

Repux team has released 500 million tokens in this project that will be released on the marketplace soon. This 500 million token is at the price of 0,20 $ and you will get 10% bonus until 8th of April 2018.

The more tokens you have, then you will have the more chances to have a larger volume of data for business, research or otherwise.

The Excellence of Repux

There are so many data projects which have been released before Repux project. But at that project, any small companies which do not have any data could not get a big advantage, because they are defeated by many big companies which have many data surely. But now, the small companies need to not worry about that problem again; because now Repux is coming.

Repux is a marketplace for a data, so the small companies can get any data that they need in it. Because of that big availability of data in Repux, according to the team of Repux, this project will increase until US$200 billion in the future.

The Risk of Repux

Everything that happens or occurs in this world must have risks, Repux token also. The risk of this project are:

At this time, Repux has made and planned with a very good system; but Repux is still has a possibility to fail in developing the program and this case will give any negative effects to the Repux token and Repux Protocol surely,

The repux project might have a failure in establishing good relationships with all of the participant which involved in this project. If this happens, the Repux project can be suspended or even disbanded,

We can not predict the interest of individuals or companies to this project in the future; even if today there are many people and companies that are interested in this project, we do not know in the future. The decrease of interest will negatively impact the Repux protocol and the usability of the Repux token.


This Repux project is a great project, the Repux token is on sale until 8th of April 2018 (10% bonus until 8th of April 2018). Although it is a great project, it also has some weaknesses. So, if you are interested to buy the token; do not forget to know about the risk also.

Token Sale

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