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Vestarin Token Sale

Vestarin Token Sale

Cryptocurrency market place for goods & services

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Vestarin: The Future Online of Marketplace

Whether you have a business or you simply ‘only’ a user, using Vestarin to do your transaction will provide an ease of mind. Why is it so? Because it is a safe modern marketplace that uses cryptocurrency as the payment method – as well as other handy features.

Not only users, but business owners will find out that this platform has it all – offering easiness and also the latest technology to help with safer, more convenient, and more reliable transactions.

The Basic Concepts

You probably have been familiar with the current marketplaces – some of you may have been an avid member. In this marketplace, security has been improved to make sure that everything runs as the way expected. No one is cheating – whether it is the buyers and the sellers.The system makes sure that everyone is satisfied, in terms of service, quality of products (or service), and such thing alike.

The problem is, some of these marketplaces still have issues. No matter what, flaws have been found within the system, making them vulnerable. In some marketplaces, it is the users who experience the ugly experience. In other marketplaces, it is the sellers.

Vestarin is designed to target all of those flaws, creating a powerful and completely safe marketplace for everyone – both the buyers and also sellers. This new platform is designed with improved technologies in terms of easiness and also security. You can say that with this platform,the implementation is similar to the regular marketplace but with better technologies.

The General Benefits

Basically, everyone can take a part in this platform. For sellers, they have a place where they can market, promote, and sell their products (or service) safely. For buyers, they know that this is a trusted platform, so no more trust issue or whatsoever. They can be sure about the quality of the product as well as the service. Being afraid because their money is lost and the seller is gone with their money? Not a chance! At least not in Vestarin.

There is also another mission that this platform is trying to tackle: to unite different kinds of marketplaces. You know that there are tons of different marketplaces out there, each with their own programs and their regulations. Not to mention they have their own systems and applications. But what if you can take them all and combine them together? What if you can only use simple application, instead of having so many different applications? This is another concept that comes to mind, at least for the team behind the development of this platform.

A Chance for Investment

If you are interested in investing, they are having VST token sales that are meant to fund the project.You only need to buy the tokens and you are automatically an investor – which can be a great way to make money on the side.

If you buy now, the price is still low but if you buy it after the launch, it is likely that the price has gone up significantly. So, ready to join with Vestarin?

Token Sale

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510 days ago

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