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Savedroid Token Sale

Savedroid Token Sale

The Great Cryptocurrencies Project from Savedroid: Cryptocurrencies for Everyone

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Savedroid is an award-winning German FinTech specialized in AI (artificial intelligence) Technology and now that company comes with a breakthrough project of cryptocurrencies. That project is called the cryptocurrencies for everyone.

Cryptocurrencies is a digital currency that is processed with cryptography encryption and everyone can create their own cryptocurrencies. Nowadays, we can find a lot of examples of cryptocurrencies such as the Bitcoin, dash, stellar, ripple, etheremum and many more. Here are the complete explanations about that Savedroid project.

The Concept of the Project

What makes this project is different with the other is that Savedroid uses the AI technology that makes the cryptocurrencies activities are easier and accessible for everyone. The AI Technology that is used (it is called “smooves”), it will turn the activities that are done by the users every day into the automated savings. For the example users will get €5.00 if they go for a run, they will get €0.50 if they buy at Amazon and many more.

Savedroid makes it is much easier than before. In addition, users don’t need to separate between the personal wallets, exchanges and private key handling. Besides all those features, there are some other features that the users can get, such as:

• “Cryptocurrencies for everyone” mission in which this project is not for the small group of people who are experts on the financial aspect, but it can be done by everyone.
• Much profitable
• Users will get a lot of profit from the easy access to various savings packages such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, IOTA and etc.
• A much better crypto chance like portfolio, future, and ICO without any obstacles to the technology implementation and many more.
• SVD Token that is available to do all the crypto activities and many more interesting features as well.

SVD Token to do all the Cryptocurrencies process

Just like the other Cryptocurrencies activities, Savedroid is also using the token to do all the activities. That token is called the SVD Token. Basically, it is the ERC20 utility token that is used a built-in deflation mechanism. It is as suggested by Vitalik Buterin4 in order for supporting the future value of the token from Savedroid.

The token is made in the limited value and it is offered at the certain period of time. Besides that, the rates to the pound sterling company are also changed at any time based on the global trading market condition. Here are the details of this SVD Token:

• Pre-sale at 12 January – 26 January 2018
• Main Sale at 9th of February up to 9th of March 2018
• Users can also sell the SVD token to support the token exchange
• The SVD Token created by Savedroid is 10,000,000,000 and so far it has been sold for 6,000,000

Savedroid is really serious to bring the cryptocurrencies chances to the mass so that they can try and get the profit from the global trade. Now, it is the right chance for you to join in this revolution.

Token Sale

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500 days ago

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472 days ago


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