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Copytrack Token Sale

Copytrack Token Sale

Copytrack, The Future Protection for Digital Image

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When we share or upload photo or image that we made from scratch, basically, that will be our property. We own the copyright for that item. However, there are many cases where that image is used by other people without your consent. The worst part, they claim that as their property, which is clearly violated the copyright law. Unfortunately, almost of all similar cases doesn’t get enough attention. This is what Copytrack are trying to fix.

What Copytrack Do?

Copytrack is a system that can help you to deal with copyright infringement. This project use decentralized system of the infamous Blockchain system, to run its system. The main purpose of Copytrack is creating a decentralized environment where all digital intellectual property can be linked easily. This is what they call Global Decentralized Copyright Register. With this, you can do many things to protect your property.

How Copytrack Protect User Content

Copytrack use special system that can search automatically for any image of their user that has been violated. All images of their user have already recorded in the Copytrack database. With this data, this system will be able to find any image that similar. And then, you can do the next steps to reclaim your property. To make irresponsibility party face another difficulty to steal your image, Copytrack also apply some of fingerprint system on the image that you’ve registered. With this, even though they change and edit some part of it, this system can find it and take what it needs to get it back.

This service will be free services that are available in 140 countries in the world. Once you register as its user for free, you will get protection that you need. However, you also can pay for extra fee, to get extra feature and protection. Basically, if this project can be realized and launched, it could become one of the best innovations in today’s digital era. With it, artist and digital property owner won’t have to worry when they want to show their works to the world.

The registration process is also easy. You just need to make account on Copytrack. Then, you will have unlimited upload you can do once you become its member. When you upload your content, it will audit it to see its originality. After your image or content pass the audit process, it will get certification. Now, your image is protected.

ICO and Token

If you are interested to join this project, you can get the token and invest in it. The ICO has been started since December 2017. And, it will keep open the chance to get tokens until 2nd Quarter of 2018, when you can swap your token. Then, the Copytrack project itself will fully launch in 2019. There are more than 100 million token that was launched on its ICO event. It’s actually quite limited, compared to other project token amount. Therefore, you may need to get it fast, to join this project and help it to successfully developed and launched in the future.

Token Sale

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