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Podone Token Sale

Podone Token Sale

The Next Global Phase In Contact Center Services

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The daily workings of a business are often difficult to hash-out. From startup organizations to fortune-500 companies, the presence of structure and unity across many payment and training platforms is an important step on the road to profitability and efficiency. The management of employees across a single, manageable system would be an indispensable asset for any growing business. However, this sense of efficiency is increasingly hard to find; companies hiring hundreds or thousands of workers are often plagued by communication and unification issues.

This problem can have disastrous consequences. Hundreds of employee hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent annually by companies lacking this essential management quality. To overcome this obstacle, PodOne, found at is offered as an “autonomous, decentralized” management network. Marketed to companies both small and large, PodOne is poised to be a simple way for companies to link businesses together, providing hundreds of ways to maximize efficiency and minimize waste.

Overview of PodOne

For organizations looking to employ this decentralized system, the features offered by PodOne are a great place to start. For the most part, the benefits of using the autonomous efficiency-maximizer have to do with, unsurprisingly, time and money. PodOne allows a decentralized platform for businesses to trade the time of their employees. The simple interface allows contact centers to access a plethora of representatives with the “idle time” necessary to complete their tasks.

Idle Time Management

On the employer side, the interface offered by PodOne allows companies to “auction” off the idle time of their employees, allocating the resources they aren’t using to companies in need of the additional assistance while maximizing capital.

This means that companies correctly using the PodOne resource pool are able to turn what was once the drastic waste of employee time and money into the maximization of both.

Contact Center Staffing

Contact centers across the country will be given access to a database of available employees currently available to use their “idle time” for a variety of tasks for which they suited. For employers using PodOne, this is an incredibly versatile feature; elastic staffing allows employers to search for specific idle employees who would be best suited for their task.

PodOne University

PodOne also allows employees, at the discretion of the employer, to participate in courses designed to provide them with “essential skills” which will be helpful in the dispensing of their tasks on the decentralized platform.

This means that employees involved in PodOne are able to expand their skillset, yielding a set of more qualified representatives on the interface from which searching companies can choose.

Workforce Management

The creators of PodOne have integrated Fenero, a cloud-based software for workforce management, to maximize the efficiency of the hiring process within the interface. The implication of this inclusion is that the PodOne interface, at the contact center level, is able to most efficiency relay key indicators of traffic and usage to employers.


As with many modern crypto-technology business platforms, PodOne comes equipped with its own blockchain integration, as well as a unique cryptocurrency for companies to use. The employment of the blockchain ensures the secure decentralization inherent to any blockchain technology, while the “tokens and wallet” system gives businesses all over the world a common currency to be used, simplifying transactions and optimizing interactions on a financial level.

PodOne ICO

For those who see financial potential in PodOne’s unique system, PodOne’s ICO allows for speculators to invest ETH in the company in exchange for shares in eventual profits. With what seems like no investor caps and a significant ETH cap of 6,000, a lack of current investors makes the ICO a strong candidate for crypto-investor interest.

Currently, a one-year roadmap displayed on the company’s introductory website gives potential investors an in-depth look at the plans of the makers of the interfaces, especially where monetization and returns are concerned. The minimum contribution is only .1 ETH, which makes participation in this growing market possible for investors with little capital available.

PodOne seeks to solve one of the major problems of the 21st century business model. As businesses begin to expand, idle hours by employees create a massive budgetary concern, wasting the time of the employee and the money of the employer. With PodOne, a decentralized crypto-platform on the blockchain allows companies the opportunity to take advantage of decentralized technology and a sophisticated API to minimize idle hours and maximize efficiency.

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