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The Abyss Token Sale

The Abyss Token Sale

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The rate at which cryptocurrencies are becoming popular, it is only a matter of time before we start to see the implementation of blockchain systems in nearly every conceivable software avenue. For example, crypto has recently entered the movie market, and there are now many streaming services that are currently allowing users to make their payments via the use of digital assets like BTC, ETH etc. Not only that, in the past year big players like Xsolla (an intuitive mobile interface for in-game purchases) have also announced the incorporation of crypto payment modes into their service.

What Is Abyss?

In its core, Abyss can be pictured as a “gaming platform” that has been made to focus on the distribution of “free-to-play browser-based and client MMO games”. When used, it not only makes sharing easy, but also provides a good opportunity for developers and players to make money via the use of ‘referrals’. Also, the platform also serves as an economic tool and can be used by developers to reduce their marketing costs. Additionally, Abyss also helps generate targeted traffic and allows its users to gain access to certain additional services.

Simply put, this service gives gamers a platform to not only play their games, but also make an earning through their hobby.

Abyss Features

Some of the core aspects from a “gamer’s perspective” that Abyss addresses include:

  • Good Referral System: the platform comes loaded with a personal ‘five-level referral program’ that ensures timely payments and bonuses.
  • Multi Pathway Earning System: in addition to making money through our own gaming, there is also a potential to increase our profits as a result of our friends' achievements
  • Full Monetization Option: all of the content that has been created can be minimized.
  • Extra Side Income: when used well, Abyss can serve as an extra source of income.
  • Fast Monetary Transactions: owing to the fact that the platform is blockchain Ethereum based, all transactions can be completed within a matter of minutes.


In the same vein, some of the important aspects related to developers include:

  • Content Awareness Spreading: in order to increase visibility, Abyss targets audiences all through from the start to the end of the development journey.
  • Advanced Statistics: what makes Abyss unique is that it displays specialized game statistics to users so as to enhance the entire gaming experience.
  • Customer Support: to ensure that there are no disruptions in the gaming process, there is a multilingual 24/7 customer support helpline that is available for use at all times.


Abyss Key Benefits

Abyss tokens are the company’s personal currency that can be used to handle any internal mechanisms or for interaction on the Abyss platform. Users should also be clear on the fact that all earnings and referrals are paid in the form of these tokens.

  • Good Discounts: for people who are token holders there are additional incentives and lower prices for various in-game purchases.
  • Regulated Traffic: Abyss has been designed to manage the influx of patrons at an optimal rate. Not only that, the internal offer system has also been shown to rely on company tokens for all transactions (thereby promoting security).
  • Unique Business Opportunity: through the use of Abyss, avid gamers can enjoy a wide array of unique earning opportunities.


Abyss ICO Details

As mentioned earlier, the token is called Abyss. A pre sale has been conjured by the company, and will go live on the 29th of November (and last till the 1st of December). From a cost perspective, we can see that 1 ETH = 2500 Abys. However, payments can be made via the use of other currencies like BTC, LTC etc. The final token sale will take place between Feb 7 2018 and Mar 1 2018. During this second phase, the minimum threshold will be set at 0.1 ETH

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


530 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


508 days ago



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