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Coinvest Token Sale

Coinvest Token Sale

Decentralized stock market for cryptocurrencies

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How are Bitcoin Mined? Well, cryptocurrencies is the emerging assets class that popular in recent past years. This has becomes alternative investments for investor that need investments that have guarantee for many benefit and securities. Bitcoin is able to gain from mining, transfer, payment, and many more.

When you are trading bitcoin, you will need a third party that provide service of trading and exchange bitcoin. Coinvest is one example of third party that facilitate this bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. Coinvest create the future transaction of Cryptocurrencies by their block chain protocol.

To able use the Coinvest service, users should become their member and buy Coinvest smart contract. The smart contract will track any record of the entire data of investments include the assets amount, distribution and many more. When users are execute the selling orders, the smart contract will release the funds that invested and the profit will back again into the Coinvest app. The users are able to spend their Cryptocurrencies directly from the app using their private wallet or using their Coinvest debit account.

Why choose Coinvest?

  • Simplicity >> Today, Cryptocurrencies investments are become harder and difficult. The exchanges in Cryptocurrencies need KYC authorization and this can spend hour’s even days to finish.
  • Convenience >> The Coinvest is smart way for store and secure the Cryptocurrencies assets. There are different Cryptocurrencies and tokens that have different standard and need different level wallets. Wallets have option that depends to risk appetite. You need to prepare with the user error, and hacking risk. Coinvest provide the all-digital portfolio for the investments assets.
  • Function >> The prices of Cryptocurrencies can be so volatile. When user is acquiring the Cryptocurrencies in wrong moment and price can result the losing. The Coinvest offer the flexibility for limited investment option for users to execute the flexible buying option.
  • Diversification >> Coinvest provides index funds that filled with cryptonized assets components that related with the market and many more.
  • Autonomy >> Coinvest is empower users for control their investment assets, rebalancing, percentages the distribution and withdrawal through their account.
  • Decentralization and security >> Investing in Cryptocurrencies need to send the funds directly for exchange or fund investment. Coinvest not accept any funds by directly from users. The entire funds are controlled autonomous bot by computer. Users are able to withdraw their funds or close in any time and obtain the distribution using Smart Contract.
  • Backed collateral >> The investments made with the backed Cryptonized assets.As one of the Most secure Bitcoin Wallet Coinvest is the local one where give you guarantee for storage and management. The Coinvest is a new way for investing in Cryptonized investments. There are no needs for trading exchange, multiple wallets, and third party centralized. The Coinvest prefer for two easy and simple protocols for users to handling the rest: buying and selling transaction.
  • Buying >> users initiate for buying or shorts order through COIN app. The app will approves and execute trading. Coinvest app will send COIN to smart contract and update the balance.
  • Sell >> users are initiates for selling’s or buy order through the app. The app executes trading and sends $0 COIN transaction into smart contract. Smart contract updates the agreement and balances.

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