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BABB Token Sale

BABB Token Sale

The World Bank for the Micro-Economy

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You won’t realize the importance of banking access – not only for your personal use but also for personalized economy improvement, such as a business establishment – until you get limited access or you are rejected of the common banking services completely. Unfortunately, this is a problem that still happens to millions of people out there.

They can’t have direct access to banking services, limiting their movements in improving their economy as well as enjoying the basic banking services, like transferring or keeping the money. With BABB platform, however, everyone can get the same opportunity and no one is left behind anymore.

The Current Banking Situation

There are millions of underbanked people out there – people who can’t get the regular banking services. They may not be able to open a bank account. They may not be able to get a loan. They may be rejected of standard banking services, such as transferring or receiving money. The reasons are various, but mostly because they are considered not eligible or unworthy for the services.

The limited access to the regular banking service can create serious impacts in major financial activities. You can’t open up an account – not being able to save up money or pay bills through the automated system. Naturally, you won’t be able to enjoy the basic services, such as sending out money or receiving money.

If you have a business, this can be a problem. How are you supposed to receive payments from customers when you don’t have a bank account? How can you pay your suppliers? How can you improve your economy and financial condition if your ways are limited and obstructed?

BABB Mission

BABB has its own mission to change everything; not only to provide equal opportunities for everyone but also to focus their services on these unfortunate unbanked people. Top notch security system is a must, naturally – developed to avoid scams and to be on the safe side. Besides the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency implementation, advanced biometrics and AI system will be included. Every member will be verified through a secured perimeter. This action, when combined with the transparent system, will deliver a secured meeting spot for business owners, investors, and regular users as a whole.

The regular banking services are using a centralized system, with World Bank as the main controller and ruler. Well, think of BABB as the World Bank in smaller scope within this platform although the role will be different. Instead of controlling, BABB will act like a service that supports financial transactions and the financial growth. The technologies are merely features to make things easier, safer, and more efficient.

BAX Tokens Functionality

All platforms need funds to develop and expand their services, so this platform is releasing its own currency, known as BAX. With BAX, you can save up money, send out money to suppliers or sellers, receive payments from buyers or suppliers, exchange the tokens, and such thing alike. BAX tokens also provide an opportunity for investors to save up their money in ICO investment.

When people invest money in ICO platform, it means they buy the tokens at low price and expect its value to increase in the future. This is how they gain profits with BABB investment.

Token Sale

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503 days ago

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475 days ago


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