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Video Social Network now on Blockchain

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Buzzshow, Unique Video Sharing with Blockchain System

Buzzshow can be said as the unique project that is used the latest internet trend, which is online video. Most of people today use internet for many things. One of them is watching online video and share video through their social media. Buzzshow has service similar to that.

What Buzzshow Can Do For You?

Buzzshow is social media network that use video to share message. And, today, this service also uses blockchain technology to provide another profitable service for their user. Basically, their user can earn money by sharing video on this service. On the other hand, their user also can contribute by investing some of money through decentralized system of blockchain, to develop the Buzzshow system as well as investing in cryptocurrency for the future.

The other unique thing about Buzzshow is they will use IPFS (InterPlanetary File Sharing) system.With this system, they provide different service, unlike other video sharing website. Other video sharing service will store the video on one server or location.

With blockchain, Buzzshow provide more spread and decentralized location to store their user video. This will give their user more freedom to share and send video to other people. And, because of this system, the security quality is much better. There won’t be any third party or other party that capable in controlling your video. So,you can protect your video much better with it.

The Token

To get the token, or in Buzzshow it’s called Goldies, the user just need to upload and share video.When there are many people see it, that user will get more Goldies. This Goldies are then collected,which can become good investment for the future. To manage your token, Buzzshow also has created e-wallet that make user can easily adjust their token. The wallet is also adjustable and scalable, which will help you a lot.

The distribution of the ICO token is called TOKEN SALE. In this event, this project releases 150 million token that can be acquired. The ICO event is also the event, where Buzzshow try to test the market with their unique platform.

They want to see how well this platform for video creator, advertiser and other party that is related to this project. Of course, they also offer reward system for their user on this event, which give them good start to invest in this unique project.

The fund that is collected from TOKEN SALE will be used for several purposes. 25 percent of the fund is used for developing the Buzzshow platform. Then, 35 percent is used for marketing and business development purpose. This way, this unique project can be known by most of people, so it will grow bigger in the future, which brings more profit for the investor in this project.

The rest of the fund is used for content development needs, IP and other. Using the popular platform like video sharing, we can see that Buzzshow has promising future. The video system will be used for longer time, and the decentralized system is future system that maybe becomes successful later.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


525 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


479 days ago



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