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AMLT Token Sale

AMLT Token Sale

Find Out What AMLT Makes Life Much Easier

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Have you ever imagined that one day you are arrested because police notice that you did money laundering? And at time, you don’t have any idea since you have never done it. It is not just in movie. It can happen in real life.

For the times being, doing financial transaction using virtual money is not weird anymore.Not only company, individuals can do it. When they buy particular product from overseas,they can do payment using virtual money.

Many people are working at home. Meanwhile, they have clients or partners in business from other countries. And they do transaction or payment using virtual money. It is not rare anymore, is it?

However, this activity actually has a risk. In crypto world, there are some people doing something illegal. They do money laundering, for instance. And the most dangerous thing is financing for terrorism from one country to the others. That is why bank and government gives tight regulation to fight against it.

Fortunately, it becomes like obstacle for those who want to use virtual currency in proper way like, for instance. Because of the risk like money laundry or terrorism financing activity, anybody, not to mention you, has to obey some tight rules and regulations which are called AML (anti-money laundering) and CTF (counter-terrorist financing).

The bad news is that it is not easy to follow to regulation. And sometimes it costs a lot.Good news is that there is solution right now.

AMLT Comes As Solution

Technology is actually made to make life easier. So is AMLT. In short, AMLT is made to make you and everybody able to do transaction using virtual currency without having to break the law. Using AMLT, you have already follow any regulations related to transaction using virtual money, even from different country.

You might still doubt about how important AMLT is. Now, you have to take a look at the business pattern for the times being. Let’s make one simple example. There are hundred stores out there that accept transaction using virtual money. And actually they want to expand since this kind of transaction is much easier. However, certain banks don’t accept that. Or, they accept but they have to some long process to make sure that the money is safe from the risk like AML or CTF. That is block, right?

Another example is worker. Now, you can stay in your house but you can work for company where is located in the other country. The company might prefer to send you payment using virtual money like Bitcoins. Do you believe that you can receive the money safely? It is not certain since some traditional banks don’t have regulation to process the kind of transfer fast.

That is why AMLT comes as a solution.

How Does AMLT Meet Regulation?

The first thing that you have to know is that AMLT has main vision to bring transparency and efficiency to blockchain ecosystem. And now, AMLT involve community or members to make the market more transparent by allowing them proving ratings and information on particular addresses.

The most important thing is that AMLT creates a democratic atmosphere to cyrptocurrency world in order to make sure that every single transaction meet all regulatory requirements.So, do you agree that AMLT makes life much easier?

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


587 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


538 days ago


  • Tokens available to public at launch: 210,000,000
  • Data rewards pool for Network Members: 120,000,000 (distributed monthly by the smart contract)
  • Consultants/Advisors: 2%
  • Ambassadors/Referrals: 1%
  • Founding Team: 10% (with lockup period)
  • Dev team and bonuses: 4% (with lockup period)
  • Foundation/Charity: 0,5%

Total AMLT Tokens generated in smart contract: 400,000,000


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