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DCX Token Sale

DCX Token Sale

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Online shopping through e-commerce sites, payments through QR codes have become common things which we do now. People don’t want to carry more cash as they can now swipe their credit or debit cards easily to make their payments thus online purchase is grabbing the market.The same way digital currency is making its place in the market, merchants, retailers, and customers want to make the use of their digital currency in the usual way but they are not getting a perfect platform.

DCX through its research founded that people want to make use of digital currency but they fear of security and many more such things which stops them to do that. DCX has developed an ultimate solution to make standard digital payments. It is a semi-public blockchain based platform which want to make digital currency as the global standard use for making online purchases.

What is DCX ?

The DCX project is the standard digital payment solution for large retail enterprises which uses the most advanced technology called blockchain. This platform allows users to easily convert their monetary money into digital DCX coins which they could use to make direct payments.

These coins are exchanged for zero cost, isn’t that amazing?. According to me I always prefer online payments as they are more time saving and secure. Online retailing in future is going to rule the market. The biggest barrier why merchants or retailers do not accept digital currency us that there is lack of security and guarantees which common currency or cash money offer.

Thus by finding a solution to this barrier DCX platform is aiming to make payments through cryptocurrency for merchants and retailers so that they have same guarantees and security that common cash money offers. This platform in future is going to capture the market as everyone today wants to make online payments and that too in secure and easy form.

Why DCX?

DCX is the first platform which made use of cryptocurrency and found a solution to the digital payment system. This platform is definitely a tech boom and is going to rule the market in future. Its unique feature attracts us to make use of this platform to make online payments. Let’s have a look towards its features.

· Blockchain-based.

· Smart contracts.

· DCX coins.

· Cryptocurrency payments.

· Low transaction cost.

· Less transaction time.

· Service level agreement.

DCX coins and its token sale information

The whole ecosystem of the project is based on its DCX coins. The platform has two processes which will help merchants, retailers, and customers to make use of DCX coins. The first process includes conversion of monetary currency into digital currency.

For eg, if I am the user of the platform then I need to purchase DCx coins of which payments directly goes to the escrow account. These coins are now transferred to consumer wallet which they can use to make online purchases. The second process includes the conversion of digital currency into monetary currency which could be done by burning DCx coins.

The common currency will be withdrawn from the user account and 97%will go to merchant accounts, 1% as operational fees and 2% as profit to the escrow account. Thus this profit is converted to ETH. Token sale period was from 22nd December 2017 and will be carried on until 18th January 2018.


DCX is the future of digital currency and will make our payments more easy and secure. It is technology boom which will revolutionize the market payment system. The biggest advantage that platform offers is the security through blockchain technology as still there are some people who fear to use credit or debit cards due to frauds in the market.

This platform will have no scope for frauds as it uses blockchain technology which will allow us to easily make online purchases using our digital currency. Go and make your easy payments by DCX.

Token Sale

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