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Enjoy Life Token Sale

Enjoy Life Token Sale

Cryptocurrency, fiat money and discout programs

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Enjoy Life company was founded in Ukraine on June 1, 2017. Various directions are untied within the company: multicurrency wallet, payment system, trading platform, discount loyalty program, interaction with business partners and clients, academy of modern business management, marketplace.

Their mission is to implement solutions that meet the needs and create values for business partners and users of the crypto community.

At the moment, such areas as: cooperation between business partners and customers, an international loyalty program, a multicurrency wallet have already been launched. Up to date, the Enjoy Life platform already operates in 4 countries (Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland and the US).

The purpose of this project is the creation of a universal payment ecosystem capable of uniting real economy sector and the cryptocurrency world for the exchange, calculation and interaction

Achieving the goals is done with the help of an advantageous offer for clients in the form of receiving a discount from business partners, using a convenient application for making payments "in one click", as well as a number of related services.

Already now, more than 150 business partners around the world have joined us, since the ease of using our platform is the key to your successful business and its development.

Enjoy Life's own base system can be easily integrated into any field of trade. Access to the database is done using ready CRM system, with the help of which the business can immediately monitor all transactions and orders related to partner-companies.

The components of CRM-system Enjoy Life are mobile applications that you can freely download in Google Play or in the AppStore.

Enjoy Life app for customers - combines the storage of discounts, bonuses and other offers from partners of the company, a multicurrency wallet and a trading platform. Thanks to this application, you do not need to store and take with you stacks of discount cards or keep on the phone a lot of applications from stores. User receives an instant discount from each purchase made within the system and carries out necessary actions simply "in one click" using a QR code.

Enjoy Cashier app for business is a mobile cash register for partners. The use of Enjoy Cashier is as transparent as possible - there are only three buttons -"Invoice", "Enjoy Life card payment","transaction history". Enjoy Cashier suits perfectly for partner-companies, whose business has its own network (hotels, restaurants etc.).

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