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TrakInvest Token Sale (Pre-ICO)

TrakInvest Token Sale (Pre-ICO)

Crowdsourcing financial wisdom

Review Project

Trakinvest, a virtual social trading platform, currently offers (i) users the ability to share their investment expertise with other members of the network for a fee, (ii) provides “crowdsourced” sentiment, forecasting and prediction tools using innovations in smart contracts, machine learning, NLP and artificial intelligence, and (iii) and digital certification programs in online trading. Users can access and explore the existing platform at

TrakInvest is best set up to implement this project and already has a strong three-year track record having built up a 100,000+ user base in Asia through its partnerships with corporates, universities, and governments in the region. The Platform will also be introducing (i) a virtual trading platform for cryptocurrencies and (ii) next generation “crowdsourced” sentiment tools for equities and cryptocurrencies. These proprietary tools have been developed using the social trading data and behaviour collected for the last three years. TrakInvest aims to empower the retail investor with all these tools to create a level playing field removing the information asymmetry that has plagued them for so many years.

TrakInvest is poised for strong growth as they look to introduce TRAK Tokens by Q1 2018 to their existing user base, thus providing them with the ability to earn service fees in ETH in exchange for providing their real-time trading data and sentiments through TrakInvest’s web and mobile platforms. Currently, the community continues to provide invaluable trading data, insights, and sentiments through the platform by maintaining a virtual trading portfolio: At the application level, the token utilities will include: (i) Tokenized data ownership, (ii) Tokenized reputation system, and (iii) Tokenized certifications.

The shift from a centralized technical infrastructure to distributed, ecosystem-enabling platforms is laying the foundations for new business models in investment insights and financial transaction technologies.' Identifying the industry shifts, TrakInvest platform is utilizing blockchain technology to create a decentralized peer to peer ecosystem that incentivizes members of the community on performing value added services. The rewards,incentives, and insight tools encourage the full establishment and continuity of the virtual socio-trading environment that rewards for performance, sharing of investment insights and real time trading data in a risk free manner.

By leveraging the blockchain technology, TrakInvest aims to increase the scalability of the current platform while enhancing its security and transparency levels. Backed by a powerful tech stack and the strength of Ethereum’s Open community network the ecosystem has a strong technical foot holding.


TrakInvest Token (‘TRAK’ token) is a utility token that can be used to perform a variety of activities on the Platform. The demand for the TRAK token is driven by the strong pipeline of existing contracts with leading corporates and universities, TrakInvest’s continued marketing initiatives including the “The TrakInvest Show," and overall market dynamics. In this section we describe the use cases for the TRAK tokens and provide with details of the contracted and projected demand and their key drivers.

There will be primarily 3 types of utility tokens to engage with TrakInvest for the services mentioned above. At the application level, the token utilities include: (I) Tokenized data ownership, (ii) Tokenized reputation system, and (iii) Tokenized certifications.

Platform Overview

Trakinvest is a platform that provides a tremendous volume of relevant information to a variety of investors. The platform also provides various tools, including a portfolio management tool. The platform will create a strong brand through the strategic use of various media, including the Web. Trakinvest has positioned itself as the “alternative” source of investment advice, and as such, achieved a degree of visibility and credibility that makes the platform instantly recognizable.

Key Features Include:
• Real stock price feed for 10 global exchanges of 8 different countries including US, UK, China, India, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong.
• 22 hours of trading facility along with live portfolio tracker
• Real time news feed
• Peer-to-Peer learning
• Gamified user experience
• Key Financial Ratios, stock search and price charting functionality
• Stock Sentiment Score for over 18,000 global stocks
• Engaging and interactive user interface
• Anytime trading with the TrakInvest mobile app and Facebook Messenger Chatbot
• Detailed personalized Trading Reports
• Customer support

Token Sale

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555 days ago

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509 days ago



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