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StopTheFakes (STF)

StopTheFakes (STF)

Anti-Counterfeit & Copyright Infringement

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StopTheFakes is a Blockchain-based decentralized service aiming to detect counterfeiting and infringement of intellectual property rights, created on the Ethereum smart contract platform. Blockchain technology has been implemented by using the open source license. The project has its own token, which is the only method of payment within its framework.

Their basic idea is to build a completely transparent and reliable system that could transfer data from users to right holders. We assume responsibility for providing the necessary infrastructure and bringing together those who want to learn about any infringement of their rights and those who can provide this information due to their geographic location or other factors. We assume responsibility for ensuring that customers remunerate providers and retain part of the remuneration as a commission fee.

Tokens issued by us will be the only means of payment that customers will purchase for remuneration purposes. Their quantity is limited, and Blockchain technology principles guarantee protection against forgery. Ethereum’s smart contracts ensure the fulfillment of the commitments undertaken.

Basic principles of the service

When detecting infringement, the Doer sends an Alert to the service via an app in his mobile device by taking photos and/or videos or via his PC by making a screenshot through a browser extension. This information is retained in the Blockchain-based system, stored and transferred immediately to the rights holder.The use of Blockchain and the decentralized data storage guarantee the security of the hashes, hence their inalterability and authenticity.

The information received gives the rights holder an opportunity to take action against the Offender.The rights holder will be able to demand that the Offender remedy the violation, by sending a formal written request containing the unique ID (or a permanent link to the service’s webpage), under which this infringement is registered and which the Offender can check on the website. This will reduce the time needed for infringement remedy to several hours.

How it works

They would like to clarify some of the unintuitive points featured in the figure above as they are critical for understanding the project's structure and inner workings.The system configures HS, a hash amount of the files received from the Doer in the Alert, which records not only their quantity, but also their size and the name of each file for additional recording and comparison purposes.

They use IPFS (Inter Planetary File System), a content-targeted, peer-to-peer hypermedia communication protocol. IPFS network knots generate a distributed file system to store large amounts of data.This architectural solution will help reduce transaction costs when working with the distributed service

An internal billing system is developed to make external payments and to allow Doers and Requestors to create SUB wallets. As a result, one click will suffice to audit the internal payments and transactions by referring to smart contracts created in Blockchain Ethereum.


An app for popular mobile platforms and a browser extension are being developed for the project. Our team is developing it, but when the ICO is over, we plan to get other developers involved in the project thus expanding our team.

There are plans to launch new versions on a regular basis. Updates will be downloaded and installed automatically.After the service’s main features have become fully functional, the next stage will focus on expanding its possibilities and increasing the number of the available functions. With a huge database constantly growing in real time, we will gather statistics, analyze the information received and carrу out scientific and marketing research.

Information that does not contain personal data and data protected by intellectual property rights will be sold to third parties. The latest Big Data processing technologies open up great prospects for the service. Not only rights holders, but also retailers will be able to benefit from the processing of a huge amount of personal, geographic and marketing data. It makes sense to create a new brand fully compliant with consumers’ demands if a large number of counterfeits of a specific type of merchandise is found in this or that region.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


488 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


457 days ago




  • June 2016 >> The Idea of the StopTheFakes Project
  • September >> 2016 Service concept formation
  • December >> 2016 Copyright protection analysis
  • Apr 2017 >> Building token sale and blockchain development team
  • May 2017 >> Negotiating on the service use terms with potential applicants
  • Jul 2017 >> Development of the ERC-20-based token sales official website
  • Sep 2017 >> Launching token distribution website
  • Nov 2017 >> Community development, involving experts, spreading the idea
  • Dec 2017 >> Launching service prototype
  • Jan 2018 >> Launching mobile app prototype
  • Jan 2018 >> Token sales promotion stage
  • Feb 2018 >> Alpha v.0.1 service release, its testing and debugging
  • Mar 2018 >> Main stage of token sale
  • Mar 2018 >> Main development stage
  • Apr 2018 >> Submitting token to the stock exchange listing. Initiating bidding
  • Apr 2018 >> Launching Android app available for download
  • May 2018 >> Launching Google Chrome and Opera extensions
  • May 2018 >> Security audit. Vulnerability scanning
  • Jun 2018 >> Service launch; hitting first 5,000 copyright violation detections
  • Jun 2018 >> Launching IOS app available for download
  • Jul 2018 >> Launching Mozilla Firefox add-on
  • Aug 2018 >> Engaging in close collaboration with major producers. Agreement signing
  • Sep 2018 >> Reaching user count of 850 000 and a total of 40,000 breaches detected
  • Jun 2019 >> Big Data implementation. Expanding the range of services for Applicants
  • Aug 2019 >> Аudience building. A total of 400,000 copyright infringements detected

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