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Moya Networks Token Sale

Moya Networks Token Sale

Bringing High Speed Internet To Africa

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With so much excitement in the world regarding crowd funding and ICOs it really is amazing to witness the way our world is reshaping. The internet is always in use everywhere you go, and I bet half of you are reading this blog on a mobile device, which means you can connect to this site and all your favorite sites like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube while you are on the go. That’s very convenient, isn’t it? You could almost say the Internet is a necessity for everyday routines.

Well, in Africa there are as many people who need the Internet as any other region but the Internet in Africa is scarce, and people struggle to use the web at very slow speeds.

Moya Networks works as a supplier of the materials used to bring internet across large spans of land and in the case of Africa’s cable internet needs, a submarine Cable will be needed to install large quantities of high speed, fiber optics cable, at the bottom of the ocean. We call this “submarine cable capacity” and its demand is enormous currently because of the scarcity of good, high speed internet service providers.

The Moya Team is partnering with members of the African Coast to Europe Submarine System also called ACE Submarine Cable. We will provide the materials and installation of the cable and will make sure to bring high speed internet to every inch of Africa, as we progress through the phases of our project. By 2018, the goal of Moya Networks is to have(ACE) on the move. Internet will be available in greater abundance over the African continent with our help.

Moya Tokens give you the unique opportunity to support this business concept, and the demand is such that the probability of success, we feel is certain. The people need it, we are going to be the first to bring it to them.

The full launch of our ICO is as follows:

Start date: 15th Nov 2017 12:00 GMT
End date: 16th January 2018 12:00 GMT

Distribution cap: 100 million MTK
Min purchase 0.03 ETH / 0.0012 BTC

Amount of tokens per person: unlimited

Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH
Token exchange rate: 0.04 BTC / 1 ETH = 1,000 MTK


Week 1–2: 30% bonus

Week 3–4: 20% bonus

Week 5–6: 15% bonus

Week 7–8 : 10% bonus

You can participate using Ethereum or Bitcoin.

The funds gathered from the ICO will be used to finance the purchase of the ACE Submarine Cable based on the existing contract, in order to provide this Internet capacity to the continent of Africa.

Also, the Moya team will purchase the excess cable capacity on the West Africa Cable System (WACS) along with backup equipment from nearby vendors, to be installed in the Moya backhaul Network. Other funds are to be allocated to the team, administration and to our investors. You can learn more about those details on our ICO page. Be advised, after the ICO, no more tokens will be created and only the existing MTK will be able to circulate, be bought and sold on exchanges.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


586 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


524 days ago



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