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iShook (SHK)

iShook (SHK)

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iShook and it’s Advancement

The new generation of the 21st century is surely full of advanced technology. Things that are used to be just a dream now can be seen in front of your eyes. There are so many things available to make your life easier. One of them is an application. Applications that are available on the internet are helping to make people’s lives easier. One of them is iShook. It is not a word from the urban dictionary. It is an application on the website as well as on the phone. The application is already available on some of the phones.

On the first quarter of 2018, the application is available on the Android 8+ and iOS 11+. As for the website it has three types of websites. The first websites are It is the main website as well as the social networking platform of it. The second one is It is the platform for its news and articles. The last one is which is none other than its e-commerce store.

Thousands of book are available on iShook. It is suitable for those who love to read, but also love the nature because you do not need a white paper to read. It has 12.000 publishers and over 60.000 books already and still growing. They are planning to develop yChat development and integration on iOS 11+ as well as the first stage of token integration in its platform. The token is important for not only for the reader but also for the author as it helps them to get exposure to their work.

As for the third quarter of 2018, they plan to create additional options in order to help and support the authors as well as content developers. iShook planned to release analytical status to assist the development of their work. They also plan to help on creating a campaign to help the authors get network exposures. In this stage, they also will keep the token use.

In last quarter of 2018, they planned to complete the release on Android 8+. They plan to complete the token integration and continue developing it. By the end of 2018, iShook plan to complete the release on Android 8+, and would also work on its development on Apple Tv. They would ensure the publication of a book from the author to the international market. It would break through the local market and go for a wider market.

They also have the plan for next year already on their mind. They will release it on the Apple TV and possibly other smart TV’s to help for professional users. They will do this in the first quarter of 2019. As for the second until last quarter of 2019, they plan to support music, podcast and radio content pages for a wider range of users.they plan to develop the platform for more than just as eBook. They planned to create the support platforms for bigger target use. That means it will also support those creators other than the writer.

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