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Crypterium Token Sale

Crypterium Token Sale

Crypterium Offers a Decentralized Banking System that Is Better than Real Banks

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Crypterium Offers a Decentralized Banking System that Is Better than Real Banks

Crypterium offers a banking solution that is decentralized and more efficient. It establishes itself as a cryptobank that will play a central role in cryptoeconomy. With the role of real banks in handling the flow of cryptocurrencies and the fluctuation of cryptocurrency values still considered very minimal, Crypterium attempts to establish blockchain-based banking system that is considered much better and more efficient in managing cryptocurrencies.

Why Crypterium?

The last ten years have seen the rapid growth in the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Although both banking communities and governments are rather indifferent about cryptocurrency regulation, people are quite enthusiastic about investing in it. A decade ago, few consider the growth potency of bitcoin. Today, the price of bitcoin has become so high that within the last two years, more than 1000 new cryptocurrencies have appeared in the market, each claiming to be a potential competitor for bitcoin. How much is a bitcoin today? By the end of 2017, the price for a bitcoin is more than $15,000 and the graphic is expected to rise steeply in the future and the number of businesses that accept bitcoin as a means of payment is constantly growing.

With the popularity of cryptocurrency rapidly increasing instead of waning and with the near absence of established banking system to regulate its flow in the market, Crypterium’s emergence as a cryptobanking entity is considered crucial. Crypterium encourages wider acceptance of cryptocurrencies and ensures that the use of cryptocurrency, even in countries where the use of cryptocurrency is not yet considered legal, will be easier and more convenient and profitable than ever.

Crypterium versus Real Bank

There are a number of advantages of using Crypterium compared with using conventional banking system. As a centralized entity, bank has to face many challenges. To begin with, conventional bank needs high operational cost that is paid using customers’ cash. Bank’s operation also lacks of transparency and exchange of information between banks in similar or different countries occurs rather inefficiently. It is very slow especially if it involves different currencies.

Crypterium offers many advantages that make it better than conventional banking entity. This is all due to Crypterium’s decentralized nature. As a blockchain-based banking entity, Crypterium doesn’t require high operational cost as it works in the blockchain network and not in a centralized organ or anything similar. There is no centralized organization that regulates it and its operation is also independent from government’s regulations.

Crypterium offers cryptocurrency owners and miners a full access to its banking operation and transactions. It is very transparent and open to inquiry and it is very secure. Bitcoin owners already enjoy the enhanced security of their most secure bitcoin wallet. With Crypterium, they can enjoy ultimate security in handling their cryptocurrency. Lastly, ecause cryptocurrencies are independent from currency difference, Crypterium’s operation is guaranteed to be highly efficient, fast and reliable.

This independence already makes cryptocurrencies free from inflation and other financial calamities. This fact further affirms the urgency and necessity of the emergence of Crypterium as a cryptobanking entity.


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