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SocialMedia.Market Token Sale

SocialMedia.Market Token Sale

Influencers Advertising Marketplace

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With digital and social media gaining popularity, new engagement strategies have also developed to help increase brand advocacy such as Influencer Marketing. Influencer Marketing, defined, is “a form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole”. An influential person/influencer can be described as someone that has the power to motivate followers in the industry where their buying decisions are concerned.

The use of social media marketing has exploded over the last few years. Well-known brands and smaller businesses truly realized the potential reach and engagement opportunity provided by social media channels. Analysing the following statistics: consumer purchase decision, the rise of digital advertising and social media, increase in the use of ad-blockers, etc., it becomes obvious that today's influencers are some of the most valuable and viable media channels available.Business can drive a more optimized, omni-channel marketing plan by utilising Influencer Marketing, and will be more likely to reach their target audience and deliver a larger ROI.

There are many different types of influencers: from an industry blogger with great content and good site traffic to an ordinary Twitter member with a large following. Celebrities, journalists, analysts, thought leaders, brand journalists, platform-specific “sensations” etc., can become influencers, too.

SocialMedia.Market targets Influencer Marketing, one of the fastest-growing markets.Analytical reports show an increase in almost all metrics related to Influencer Marketing. Growing exponentially, by recent estimates this market will turn into a $5–10 billion industry within the next 5 years.

Though, traditional media has only slightly declined, with TV still holding a strong position as a medium of content consumption and brand discovery. The overall time spent by internet users online exceeded the time spent on all traditional media combined, over the past 5 years.

The longer online presence due to the expansion of the mobile internet had not has a significant impact on traditional media as some of this additional online time happens simultaneously.Internet users tend to second-screen, or consume multimedia on any chosen device and mobile at the same time. Altogether, these factors increased the average time spent on social media by 34 minutes and posting frequency by 50%.

According to an eMarketer study, the consumer-packaged goods food industry generates the highest return, followed by travel, beauty, alcohol and beverages, and grocery. Overall, brands that used influencer strategies reported an average return of $11.69 for every dollar spent.Further, 92% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand advertising using Influencer Marketing. Additionally, it is more cost-effective than paid advertising and leads to more credible brand recommendations. For these reasons, Influencer Marketing has arguably become the most effective, long term marketing strategy.

The Problem

The ability to check the credibility of the contractor conditions online relationships.Many intermediaries and risks make pricing in the market chaotic and often inadequate, while not providing any guarantees of efficiency.

To maintain campaigns both advertisers and influencers need to operate multiple payment methods to simplify transactions and optimize costs.A high threshold for small and medium-sized business entry, associated with risks (high unpredictable costs).Lack of standards, average age of influencers and only direct online communication makes communications difficult to maintain for all parties.

As demonstrated, the process of managing Influencer Marketing programs is time consuming when handled in- house, making it a complex task to work with a large network of Influencers. Yet, Influencers with a smaller quantity of subscribers show higher engagement rates than top influencers.

In a survey conducted by Tomoson, more than half of the participants reported better quality leads as a result of Influencer Marketing. Therefore, the selection of relevant bloggers is one of the most difficult tasks for marketing managers.

The extensive use of mobile devices has caused digital media consumption to grow annually. This has triggered changes in internet users’ behavior like second-screening, ad-blocking, increased social media consumption, preferable content types etc. Consequently, marketers must adopt and search for alternative channels to reach the consumer effectively. Despite Influencer Marketing channel’s complexity, it is being used by most marketers, with more than half of them planning to increase their budgets in the next year.

SocialMedia.Market is designed to solve these problems and make Influencer Marketing accessible and transparent, creating a new generation of advertising that will be the most profitable for all market participants.

The Solution

Blockchain technology will simplify integration, reduce fraud and costs for all market participants. It will create a 100% safe and transparent, competitive marketplace that will open opportunities for thousands of influencers and brands all over the globe, forming targeted audience exposure and engaging consumers in the most relevant and efficient ways. An open, agile platform will create a new generation of advertising, accessible to millions of new, up-and-coming influencers, startups and small businesses.

SocialMedia.Market’s objective is to establish a healthy ecosystem, where: influencers can easily access sponsorship for creating high-quality content, agencies get access to a constant stream of influencers and can concentrate their effort on testing new strategies and strengthening their expertise,advertisers get access to more relevant and efficient ways to engage consumers and consumers, ultimately, gain access to the high-quality content they desire.

Feature and Benefit

Secure transactions >> Delays or non-payments are problems typically associated with an Influencer’s platform. The advertisers and influencers have very little control over payments. In many cases, after project submission, the advertiser doesn’t receive the high-quality content agreed upon from an influencer or the influencer does not get paid. Their Ethereum based platform uses an escrow payment system which holds the contract fees until the set obligations are met. On project completion, the funds are released, securing the interests of both parties involved.

Fair decentralised dispute solution system >> Content created by Influencers is mostly perceived subjectively. This may cause disputes and dissatisfaction of parties with achieved results. For the most part, modern platforms do not solve such disputes between parties. Moreover, platforms with such mechanics typically charge an additional fee for arbitration and often favor the paying side. Their service has several preventive measures that will allow parties to resolve disputes on their own in most cases, as well as an arbitration system that will resolve disputes between participants with the help of independent platform experts.

Ownership Validation >> One of the major problems contributing to most of the unforeseen costs is fraud,when a fraudster impersonates an Influencer by hacking into his accounts. These situations harm both parties, Advertiser and Influencer. SocialMedia.Market applies special procedures providing a transparent and reliable marketplace. Influencers are verified and authorized to ensure they are really who they claim to be. Additionally, two factor authentication ensures protection and account ownership within the platform.

Easy interactions and communications >> Engagement and arrangement is one of the most time-consuming tasks for both the Brand and the Influencer. At SocialMedia.Market,they will pay great attention to making collaboration more simple and effective. With their powerful CRM-system, in-platform chat app, Smart Contract templates, chat tips, instant notifications and mobile app, organizing contacts, messages, communicating and staying up-to-date will be convenient.

High quality user experience >> They use progressive technologies to make SocialMedia.Market cross platform. Brands and Influencers will be able to utilise IOS and Android applications conveniently, staying in touch anytime, anywhere.

Additional way to earn >> Using SocialMedia.Market Dispute Solution system platform members will be rewarded with SMTs for their engagement in dispute arbitrations. This will be available only for users who hold a certain number of tokens in their accounts.

Token Sale

Crowdsale Opening Date


564 days ago

Crowdsale Closing Date


550 days ago


Social Media Tokens (SMTs) will be issued as ERC20 compatible tokens. Based on the number of tokens distributed during both sale phases, 15% more tokens will be issued for platform core functionality and 5% for partners and advisors. This will form the total amount of SMTs ever issued.


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